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In this post: These DIY Gold Glitter mason jars make beautiful vases for special occasions.

So what did you think of our Gold Sharpie Bowls yesterday? So fun! Are you ready for another Gold project today? How about some Gold Glitter Mason Jars?

Gold Glitter Mason Jars

gold and gold glitter mason jar with white flowers inside



mason jar gold painted mason jar

1. Prime and spray paint outside of mason jar(s). Let dry.

s tape

2. Using painter’s tape, tape around jar. This will mark where you want the glue and glitter to be and where you don’t want it to be.

Mod Podge mason jar

3. Apply glue (Mod Podge) with foam brush from the tape down all around the jar.

glitter mason jar

4. While glue (Mod Podge) is still wet, shake on a generous amount of glitter. Press gently to help adhesion.

gold and glitter mason jar

5. Peel off the painter’s tape. Let dry.

And now you have a pretty gold glitter mason jar vase!!!

gold glitter mason jars

More Gold and Gold Sharpie Crafts

Isn’t it time to get yourself some gold spray paint and a wee bit o’ glitter?! Can you see the fun you could have with this – how about silver spray paint and German glass glitter for a New Year’s table? Or matte black with black crystal glitter for a tuxedo look? What other combos can you think of?

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