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DIY Glam Christmas Snow Globe Craft for Teenagers

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In this post: I love it when the kids want to help decorate. I love it even more when they’re teenagers and they still want to. Here’s a fun DIY glam Christmas snow globe craft for the teenagers in your life!

Making snow globes is one of my favorite holiday crafts. They’re just so fun and easy to make! Like these easy DIY glam Christmas snow globe crafts for teenagers!

I think I’ve mentioned before how creative all of our kids are. At least I hope I’ve mentioned it. Our lovely middle (the one who just got her own bedroom) is actually super creative when it comes to crafts and art. I seriously think she has more creativity in her pinkie than I do in my entire body. Well our lovely middle just got her first DSLR for her 13th birthday. And she is so excited to create and photograph all. the. things. She even wants to have her own blog. But until I can spend the time to get that started for her the right way, she’s sharing her first step-by-step project here!

glam christmas snow globe craft for teenagers

Glam Christmas Snow Globe Craft for Teenagers

Glam Christmas Snow Globe Craft



1. Disassemble the water globe. Set aside globe portion.

2. Using hot glue attach the lamp post to the center of the inside lid. Let cool/dry completely.

hot glue lamp post to snow globe lid

3. Add faux snow and glitter snow to upside down globe.

add snow to snow globe

faux snow in snow globe

4. Screw inner lid into globe while globe is still upside down. Add outer lid.

5. Using nail polishes, add dots to outside of snow globe to mimic the look of snowflakes falling.

nail polish snow flakes

add lids

6. Using glue gun, attach 1 inch wide strip of faux fur fabric to snow globe lid edge. Let cool/dry completely.

glue stick edge of snow globe craft lid

add faux fur fabric

Now just display wherever you want a little wintry glam!

Glam Christmas Snow Globe Craft

glam christmas snow globe craft for teenagers

What do you think? Pretty and wintry, yes? Do you know any kids who would like to do this snow globe craft?

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  1. Very very cute. I’m thinking I need a bit of faux fir strips for a girl I’ll make one for that is your daughters age. Plus the nail polish snowflakes add that extra dimension. Yes I’m going to copy this okay??!!! ??❄️❄️❄️❄️

  2. What a fun craft for kids. Not just for the holiday season, but year round for a different seasonal globe wherever the family displays their art projects year round.

  3. I love the project tutorial. Very cute idea. Perhaps your “middle” could do periodic features on your blog, until she is flying solo.