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In this post: Easily craft your own giant DIY glitter EAT sign for you kitchen with our how-to tutorial.

We’re still working on the kitchen and I had high hopes of reusing our old EAT sign on the wall beside the open shelving. Only when I went to unpack them, they were nowhere to be found! I do have the vague feeling that I gave them away though? So I decided to just create a new giant glitter eat sign. You know, since we love to EAT around here!

Giant Glitter EAT Sign

Giant glitter EAT sign on wall of kitchen.

Do you want to see how we did it?

Supplies for Giant Glitter EAT sign for kitchen: wood craft letters, foam brushes, glue, paint, command strips.



1. Tape newspaper or Kraft paper over your work surface.

2. Using a foam brush, paint letters with two coats of white craft paint. Let dry.

white painted letters on Kraft paper

3. Apply Mod Podge to ONLY the edges of one letter. Then, over the cookie sheet, sprinkle German glass glitter mixture onto the glue-covered edges. Gently press glitter to aid in adhesion. Set aside to dry. Repeat for each letter.

woman applying glue to edges of craft letters

glitter on only edges of letter for sign

glitter on only edges of letter E for sign

4. Using another foam brush, apply Extreme Glitter Mod Podge to the front surface of one letter. While Mod Podge is still wet, sprinkle Martha Stewart glitter over entire surface. Set aside to dry. Repeat for each letter.

Applying glitter mod podge to letter for Giant Glitter EAT sign.

Glittery E

5. Once letters are dry, gently tap off excess glitter onto cookie sheet and flip letters to back sides. Affix Command Adhesive strips to letters and then affix the letters to the wall, following the package instructions. It is a good idea to measure out your placement first!

Applying command strips to back of letter for hanging giant glitter EAT sign.

Giant glitter EAT sign on wall of kitchen.

And now we have some more kitchen bling! I love how it plays off of our chandelier, but contrasts with our industrial stainless steel counters and rustic wood open shelves!

What do you think? Do you like these in the kitchen? Or would you make them for another room in your house – a nursery or kid’s room perhaps?

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