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This weekend – instead of cleaning or working on renovations – I put together a new gallery wall. (Not to worry Dean was a busy-renovating-beaver!)

gallery wall

We had a gallery wall at our old house and LOVED it. This new one is a little smaller, but it totally helps to disguise the little living room tv (the larger tv is in the basement family room).

gallery wall 1 1

I even got creative and hand-scripted a piece for the wall. I’ve been using the computer for so long, it was really refreshing to pick up a pen and paper to make some art! I was humming that song all day long.

 his love endures forever script art 1


What do you think of our little gallery wall? Do you have any gallery walls in your house?


shannon sign off

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  1. Your gallery wall is fabulous! Your artwork added in there with tape is fun and makes it seem ever changing…which in my mind is what a gallery wall should do. I’m working on one right now too. Thanks for the great ideas.

    Your new site is great! I like it combined.