FREE Holiday Planner Pack – 23 Free Printable Pages to Plan Christmas!

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FREE Holiday Planner Pack – 23 Free Printables to Help You Plan Christmas. Gift planner, card list, Christmas dinner and brunch planner and more!

Doesn’t it seem like sometimes the Holidays are filled with much stress and little joy? Wouldn’t it all be easier if you could get and stay organized? If you knew what to buy for people, what to plan for Christmas brunch and Christmas dinner? If you could keep track of your holiday budget and not overspend on gifts?

If you could be present and enjoy the Holidays with your family and friends instead of feeling like you’re going to lose your ever-loving mind trying to remember all.the.things?

Introducing the FREE Holiday Planner Pack!

FREE Holiday Planner Pack from Home Made Lovely

The 2017 Free Holiday Planner Pack is filled with 24 pages of printables to help you plan Christmas.

So you can actually enjoy the Holidays. (What a novel idea!)

Free Holiday Planner Pack Contents:

  • Gift planner list
  • Holiday card list
  • Gift planner for each person
  • Holiday budget tracker
  • Your wish list
  • Christmas menu planners (for brunch, lunch, snacks and dinner!)
  • Recipe source list
  • Recipe pages
  • Baking planner
  • Black Friday shopping list
  • Cyber Monday shopping list
  • Holiday bucket list
  • Grocery list
  • Task checklist
  • Places to be tracker
  • Weekly planner
  • Notes sheet
  • Blank month calendar

Here’s a sneak peek at how the planner looks…

HML Undated Free Holiday Planner Pack Sample Pages

Isn’t it pretty!?

So what do you do with the planner pack?

Make a Holiday Planner Binder


  • Free Holiday Planner Pack (duh!)
  • a 3-ring binder
  • hole punch
  • dividers (optional)
  • page protectors (optional)


1. Download and print your Free Holiday Planner Pack. Color is best for all the gold glitter sparkle, but black and white will suffice. If necessary print additional copies of whichever pages you need more of.

2. Use the hole punch to punch holes in all pages.

3. Add all the Planner Pack pages to the binder.

4. If desired, place any pages you’re worried about spilling on into page protectors.

5. Also if desired, separate the sections of your binder with dividers. For example, you can put the Calendar Pages with the Places to Be Tracker in one section, meal plans and recipes in another, Gift Trackers in another, etc.

FREE Holiday Planner Pack from Home Made Lovely

Don’t forget to download your copy above! 

Now don’t you feel all organized?!

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  1. Thanks for much for all the great DIY projects and inspiration! I made a couple mason jar pumpkins yesterday, your kitchen definitely helped with our kitchen remodel plans, and we are living our pallet barn door ? I’m very thankful for you and your blog.

  2. Shannon,
    You are a lifesaver, girl! I love the Holiday season but this year is looking a bit stressful. My youngest graduates from college and moves home from Alabama late December, we are moving my Mom into a senior living up north Dec 1 (i’m in South Florida), and I currently have a nasty cold and inner ear infection so I am dizzier than normal and already hearing bells 24/7 in my ear. Yep…driving me crazy. So you see, your planner is going to get me through and I am forever grateful!! Ho, Ho Ho beautiful lady!!!

  3. So excited to see you updated the planner for this year! I’m glad you made it undated so I can keep using it every year. I’m a new follower to your site and I just love all your projects and posts. Thanks so much!