Let’s ditch the overwhelm and figure you exactly where YOU need to focus in your home!

Your Home Era Quiz Results are in and…

You’re in your Decorating Era

Your challenge (should you accept it 😉) is to finally decorate your home in a way that suits you and your unique style. But let me tell you a secret…you’ve got to decorate in the right order, or you’ll only make things worse. (Ask me how I know that!)

We all want beautiful spaces to come home to, right?

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But instead of living in a home you love and can be proud of (if you got this quiz result) there’s a good chance that:

You’re so overwhelmed or afraid of messing up that you’ve given up even trying to decorate.

See if any of these sound familiar:

You find yourself buying a vase here, a lamp there and before you know it you’ve got oodles of small stuff but none of the big important pieces.

You spread your decor accessories around the room, sprinkling them on every surface and in every corner, and wonder why it still all feels off somehow.

You painstakingly deliberate over choosing the perfect paint color only to choose the wrong one…maybe even more than once.

I USED TO FEEL the same way TOO

I spent years wishing for a stylish and organized home.

But I had no idea how to get there, until…

I discovered that there’s an order to decorating!

Decorating, like baking a cake, needs to be done in the right order – you wouldn’t start with the icing so don’t begin with the paint or the accessories!

The proper way to decorate is this:

Step 1: Gather Inspiration
Purposefully gathering inspiration leads to clarity and confidence in your choices and design decisions.

Step 2: Plan Your Space
Form follows function. You can’t properly plan a room if you don’t take stock of what activities happen in the room.

Step 3: Apply the Decorating Trifecta
We underestimate the design power that the right area rug, well-hung drapery, and some good lighting have in a room and overestimate the power of all those pretty little things we want to bring home from Target or Homegoods.

Step 4: Dress the Walls & Hang Some Art
Like a builder patiently waits for the foundation to set, decorating your walls only after the essential elements (the furniture, area rug, drapery, and lighting) are in place ensures that you get your decor just right without any wasted time or money.

Step 5: Add Accessories
Accessories are the finishing touches in a room – the final step, the small details – not the starting point or the main thing.

If you follow my process:

  • You’ll know EXACTLY where to start decorating, without hesitation.
  • You won’t waste another cent on choosing the wrong paint color or choosing decor you end up not liking once you get it home!
  • You’ll regain the confidence you need to be able to choose decor that works perfectly in your space.
  • You will fall in love with your home and be proud to invite your friends and family in.

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Shannon’s realistic perspective on creating a home is a breath of fresh air to the posh world of glossy magazine perfection.
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Shannon is one of the most natural and gifted teachers I’ve ever known. Her attitude toward loving the home you have and making it as lovely as possible…will leave you feeling inspired, equipped, and hopeful.
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You have been very helpful…Thank you for your direction and inspiration!
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I love your easy process…
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A message from Shannon

It breaks my heart to see women, and mommas especially, struggling with their homes. Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the mess and like they’ll never be able to do anything about it. Thinking they’re not talented or creative enough to make their homes more stylish.

I remember that feeling well because that was me too. I remember too many piles and too many tchotchkes. I remember choosing the wrong paint color again and again and not knowing how to put patterns and colors together. I remember feeling so unhappy with my home.

And when I finally decided enough was enough in my own home, I wasn’t sure how to change it. I wished for something, anything that would help me love my home.

Which is why I created Home Made Lovely. To show you how to love where you live. To find joy in every corner. To add the style and organization that would allow you and your family to flourish in your home. Without taking years and years to figure it out on your own.

So, what comes next?

About Shannon Acheson

Shannon Acheson is an author, entrepreneur, content creator, interior decorating expert and the creative force behind HomeMadeLovely.com – a celebrated blog helping moms declutter, organize and add style to their homes since 2010.

She has collaborated with 100+ brands, including Home Depot, Lowe’s and Starbucks, transforming spaces with her creative vision. Shannon’s acclaimed book, “Home Made Lovely,” and podcast, along with her popular blog, inspire tens of thousands each month. Featured in prominent media outlets, her work has garnered 19 million pageviews, solidifying her influence in the home design and organizing world.