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In this post: Avent is the perfect way to slow down and celebrate the real reason for the Christmas season. Find out how to use our Truth for the Day Christmas Advent Scripture cards to do that. 

Keep Jesus front and center this Christmas with our reusable, printable Truth for the Day Christmas Advent Scripture Cards. Not sure how to use the cards? Here are a few simple ideas.

What are Truth for the Day Christmas Advent Scripture Cards?

The Advent Scripture Cards is a set of printable cards filled with Christmas scriptures. 

Included in the set are 25 individual scripture cards (one for each day of Advent) focused on the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

With pretty watercolor art and beautifully written verses, use them as decor, or family devotions throughout the holiday season.

Find out more and get the Advent Scripture Cards here

shannon holding one advent scripture card

How to Print the Advent Scripture Cards

Printing the scripture cards is easy! 

 Type of Paper to Use for Printing

  • Watercolor paper (great for texture!)
  • Heavy-weight printer paper 
  • Card stock (most recommended for sturdy cards you can reuse year after year) 
advent scripture cards on table with scissors

Ways to Print the Scripture Cards

  1. Print them on your home printer like this one, or this one. 
  2. Have them printed at your local print shop. (Show them the included Print Permission form if needed.) 
  3. Send them to print to an online print shop. (Show them the included Print Permission form if needed.) 
cutting scripture cards with paper cutter

To Cut Out the Advent Scripture Cards, use: 

  1. Scissors and cut along the dotted lines. 
  2. An exacto knife, a straight edge, and a cutting mat. 
  3. A paper cutter. 

5 Ways to Use the Advent Scripture Cards

The Advent cards can be used in many ways. Here are a few ideas. 

1. Place them in a large dish or bowl. Take out a new one each day at random and read the verse aloud, maybe around the breakfast or dinner table. 

advent activity cards in dough bowl

2. Display the Scripture cards for you/your family to see throughout the season on your desk, fridge, mirror, in your car, etc. 

advent scripture card on bathroom mirror

3. Hang all or some of the cards on the mantel as a visual reminder of the reason for the season. 

advent scripture cards strung on mantel with orange slices, bells and pompoms

4. Tuck them into your tree as part of your decor. 

5. Use a business card holder or photo frame holder to hold the entire set of cards. Or use a place card holder to display one single card. 

advent scripture cards on table

Of course, you can display them all at once, or just put out one verse per day for the entire season of Advent! 

Find out more and get the Advent Scripture Cards here

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