Wondering where to start creating that beautiful home you crave?

Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices out there?

Love two or more styles, but can't begin to imagine how to make that work?

Got analysis paralysis and just wish someone would tell you where to start?

You are not alone!

What if I could show you EXACTLY where to start and how to blend styles well in your home, so that you felt 100% confident in your decorating decisions going forward?

Introducing the Find Your Style Workbook

The Find Your Style Workbook is the perfect solution to your "where to start decorating" dilemma!

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"I'm done with haphazard decor! (Yes, I think I just made that "style" up). 33% French country...33% farmhouse...33% rustic (that's a surprise, but let's go with it). Throw in a love of Danish modern and it's a win! Thank you for this!

~ Christen

"I love your easy process to determine my style. I've also learned that my style has changed over the years and seasons of my life and that decorating properly/successfully is not as complicated as it once seemed!!!"

~ Sheryl R.

With the Find Your Style Workbook, you get the step-by-step instructions you need to:

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Discover the ONE thing you absolutely have to do BEFORE you choose any decorating style

Choose the perfect decor styles for you, and narrow them down to your personal top 3

Learn how to combine your top 3 styles, so they blend seamlessly together in your decor

Create a list of style elements you absolutely adore and a plan for WHERE TO USE THEM in your house

Plus, you'll learn exactly how to incorporate the styles your spouse loves into your home decor too

I'm Shannon, wife to Dean and momma of three teenagers. I believe home is the most important place on earth and my passion is helping frustrated women who really want a lovely home go from "I don't know where to start" to "I absolutely adore my home!"

When I first started decorating our house, all I knew about decorating was that the lamps on either side of the sofa should match.

After spending countless hours pouring over interior photos, studying all the little details of designer rooms, and playing around with the decor in every room in our house…I finally, FINALLY got our home looking and feeling the way I wanted it to.

And, once I figured it out, I mapped out the exact process I used in my signature course Decorating Uncomplicated, so I could teach others to create a home they love too! 

But if you’re not ready for the full course and just want to get a solid handle on your style, the Find Your Style Workbook is perfect for you!

This is a digital PDF product. No physical product will be sent.

Here's what's included in the
Find Your Style Workbook:

  • A 16 page printable PDF of super easy to implement, no-fluff, instructions for where to start and how to find the top 3 decorating styles that are perfect for you
  • Our signature Style Formula worksheet that will show you exactly how to combine the styles you love plus any styles your hubby feels strongly about including as well
  • 4 printable worksheets that will bring your unique style combination into crystal-clear focus with all the details you need to add them to your house

Truthfully, getting started is much easier than you'd think.
It's definitely easier than some designers would have you believe.
Let me show you how.


Let’s nail your unique style and get you implementing it in your home today! 

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This is a digital PDF product. No physical product will be sent.