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In this post: I’ve done the hard work of window shopping for you ;). I think you’ll love these 15 cozy fall mugs to curl up with this year. 

It’s been hot minute since I wrote a gift guide/shopping blog post. But with this year has been oddly unpredictable – and shipping times being equally as unpredictable. So, I thought I’d start window shopping for you a bit early. And since I’m obsessed with mugs, I thought it would be fun to have the first shopping guide of the season be full of adorable fall mugs! 

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12 Cozy Autumn Mugs – including Hello, Pumpkin and campfire mugs!

Pour yourself a mug full of your favorite tea, coffee, or apple cider to curl up with by the fire this fall in one of these adorable mugs from Etsy. Use them for your morning cuppa, afternoon tea or even while you binge-watch your favorite fall (or Christmas, I won’t tell!) Hallmark movies. 

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Tips for ordering mugs from Etsy

Etsy is typically a handmade marketplace, which means a lot of their items are handmade. But Etsy now allows things that have been designed by individuals but printed or created on a larger scale. This is more likely the way the mugs listed here were made, designed by a maker and then actually made at a print shop. 

Anyway, here are a few of my tips for ordering on Etsy:

  • Pay attention to each listing for where the item is created
  • Add the item to you cart to see the shipping time to get it to you
  • Use Etsy’s built-in filters to narrow your search down to location or material or price
  • Look for measurements or sizes of things in each listing
  • If you want dishwasher safe mugs, be sure to look for that language in the listing or you may end up with a mug that has to be hand-washed all the time

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Did you see any fall mugs that you’d love to cozy up with? How about one that would make a great gift idea for your sister or bestie? 

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