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In this post: I’m so excited to be sharing our fall home tour with you today.

fall home tour

Please come in. Welcome to our home. We’re so glad you’re here. 


Our entry way isn’t quite finished – we haven’t even grouted the new tile yet – but I love it so much already!

It’s so cottage-y.

entry bench

For those of you who are new here, we moved into this house ten days before Christmas last year, so we’ve only lived here for about 9 months.

And we’re renovating.

Which means things aren’t perfect and I can’t show you the whole house just yet.

Well I could.

But you wouldn’t like our tour very much if I did!

Anyway, like I said, please come in. Make yourself at home in our cozy living room.

living room buffet sun

Please excuse the lack of baseboards…along with renovating the entryway (and kitchen) we’ve been laying down new laminate on the main floor.

Would you believe the living room and dining room used to be orange parquet flooring.


That is until Lumber Liquidators swooped in and saved the day – with my hubby Dean doing all the heavy lifting (and measuring and cutting and kneeling to install the floors).

So there weren’t  any baseboards down when I took these pictures yesterday. But we can pretend together, yes?

We plan to add a rustic barn door to the living room to hallway doorway and a Swedish Mora clock behind and to the right of the couch (photo above).

I’ve chosen whites and neutrals in the living and dining rooms for their ability to bring a sense of peace and calm to our house. We have three growing kiddos and a dog, so peace and calm are hard to come by around here!

I can also switch up the accents whenever the mood strikes! (It strikes often.)

living room couch 1

Go ahead, sink down into our plush love seats. The throw pillows are filled with down so you should be super comfy. Just don’t fall asleep, I want to show you more of our house!

large white pumpkin pip berries burlap wood tray 1 1

living room from dining room 1

We decorated our fall mantel (our Pottery Barn Decorative Ledge knock off) a couple of weeks ago. I just swapped out the light scroll-work frame for the darker plain one when I put together our little gallery wall last weekend. Basically I robbed the mantel for the gallery wall! Happens all the time around here. (Remember what I said about switching accents pieces when the mood strikes? Yeah, that.)

fall mantel

gallery wall 1 1

Some little fall pretties…faux hydrangeas Dean and I picked up a couple of years ago at the Fall Home Show (why don’t they have such great vendors every year?), faux pumpkins and some old hymnals my Mother in Law gave me sit on a really great industrial-looking reproduction table I bought at Homesav earlier this year.

dried hydrangeas and mini pumpkins side table 1

A little handmade art in a simple white frame, our Cinderella pumpkins and a framed jeweled brooch that belonged to my grandmother make up the vignette on one of our side tables.

fall pumpkin frame cinderella pumpkins 1

 Where are my manners?! Would you like a cup of hot tea?

tea for two fall 1 1

Or maybe you’d like to come into the dining room for some apple cider and a slice of pumpkin pie? I’ve got a slice all ready for you.

dining room 1

pumpkin pie on cake stand 1

pumpkin pie 1

pumpkin pie slice on white plate 1

Mmm. That looks delish! I wish I could say I made it. But alas, it’s store-bought.

apple cider 1

Let’s have a look at the rest of the dining room while you finish your store-bought pie, shall we?

We have a super fun chalkboard wall.

dining room chalkboard and chandelier 1

And a hutch Dean built years ago filled with pretty fall-ish things.

hutch tall 1

Like this framed stitchery I made ages ago tucked in between two faux Cinderella pumpkins atop metal stands.

give thanks stitchery 1 1

And this harvest sign I whipped up on Monday just for your visit.

harvest sign baby boos candy apples 1

And of course the farmhouse table that Dean and I made this summer.

dining room table detail

That’s all I’ve got for today. I’d love to show you the kitchen and family room too. But like I said, we’re renovating and redecorating them, so I don’t have them dressed up for fall. Come back soon though and you will see their reveals!

If you’d like to stay for awhile, I’d love to chat about life over tea…

gallery wall dining room and buffet 1 1

I’m curious, do you decorate for fall or other seasons? What is your one most favorite fall thing?

shannon sign off

home made lovely book on table with get it now text button

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  1. Looks so cozy and welcoming! Love how ahead of the game you are 🙂 Also… do you have candy apples and pie in your house often? I should totally come over.

  2. Wow! Everything looks so pretty! It’s hard to believe that you’ve just been living there for a few months. I’d say y’all are making great headway with your renovations. I didn’t even notice the missing baseboards; I was too busy looking at all the pretties! And yes, I would like a slice of pumpkin pie!

    Thanks so much for the tour!

  3. Shannon – I just love your home. Those cute little framed Fall signs, the chalkboard wall, and how precious were those mason jar glasses. You did a great job and I love the new foyer. Thanks so much for joining in the All Things Home Fall Tour. xxoo, Barb

  4. Thanks for the pie,tea and tour! Your home is lovely. I learned so much at BlogPodium. It was great meeting you.

  5. Shannon – you and Dean have done an awesome job in your home. All of your fall touches are so lovely. I especially love the foyer and the vignette on your ‘mantel’. Great job and I enjoyed the tour very much!

  6. Love your cozy Festive home Shannon,Im really wanting some of that Pie! lol I really love all of your personal touches around your home so warm and welcoming.Thats it! Im coming over for coffee and pie! 🙂

  7. Great..!! This is such a inspiring living room. I really like it and definitely decorate my living room in same manner.

  8. I love all your warm, comfy touches of fall. What I love the most is your table runner. Do you make this? If so, I’d love to see a tutorial & also would love to know the font you used. Love, love, love it!

    1. Hi Ramona. Yes I did make the table runner. I have yet to post the tutorial though! Bad blogger! The font is actually hand-scripted. 🙂 I’ll try to make a how-to soon!