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In this post: Make these DIY Fabric Cinderella Pumpkins with little-to-no sewing experience and any small scraps of fabric! A really simple DIY craft for fall decorating. 

Don’t you find it frustrating that some years when you get the itch to decorate the house a little bit for fall, there are no real pumpkins available yet? Like none. Of course, I always keep a few store-bought faux pumpkins in my decor Rubbermaid totes in the basement for this reason, but I thought you may like these DIY simple fabric Cinderella pumpkins too!

cinderella pumpkins in bread basket

First of all, how are Cinderella pumpkins different than regular old, jack-o-lantern-making, orange pumpkins? Cinderella pumpkins originated in France (Mais Bien sûr/but of course) and are a French heirloom variety pumpkin that was popular in the markets of Paris during the 1880s. They are shaped like none other than Cinderella’s coach in the Disney movie, Cinderella. They’re mostly used as ornamental decor, but can be used in cooking too. Originally brilliant orange, just like other pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins have been developed in other colors as well…my favorite being the white ones. 

Our DIY fabric Cinderella pumpkins can be made by just about anyone, as they require very little sewing experience. And they look so adorable all in a row in a table box or piled into a dough bowl too. 

DIY Simple Fabric Cinderella Pumpkins

You don’t need too many supplies, and if you craft even occasionally, you may find you have almost all these supplies on hand already. 



1. For each pumpkin you want to make, cut a circle from your fabric. Since I wanted different-sized pumpkins, I traced a dinner plate, a luncheon plate, and a side plate onto to make ours. If you want all one size, simply trace the same size plate or another circular object. 

2. Using a strong needle and a very long heavy-duty thread (the length should be 2-3 times the circumference of your fabric circle), sew around the entire circumference of your circle to make a little pouch, as shown below. Do not cut your thread yet.

3. Place some rice in the bottom of your pouch (to add weight) and lightly stuff the remaining space with polyfill. A soft squishy pumpkin works so much better for this project – so go easy on the polyfill. Pull your pouch thread tight to close the opening and stitch or knot closed. Still do NOT cut your thread.

4. Using the same attached thread, create the bumps in your pumpkin-to-be by pulling the thread around the fabric. Using the needle (still attached to the thread), push the thread up through the bottom center of the pumpkin and repeat for the desired number of ‘pumpkin bumps’. See the photo below for more detail. Once finished, tie off and cut the thread. 

5. Using a hot glue gun, glue on your moss and a real stick as your stem.

6. Repeat for each pumpkin you’d like to make. 

You could even make GIANT versions (I think I’m going to do this next) to place on tabletops as statement pieces or use outdoor fabric to make some for the front porch too! 

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Super easy, yes?! Do you like to decorate for fall? Do you use real or faux pumpkins?