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In this post: No matter who’s on your shopping list this year, find the perfect essential oil gifts for everyone with this Ultimate Essential Oil Gift Guide!

We are heading into “the most wonderful time of the year” and nothing quite brings out the holiday feels as much as the scents of the season. Essential oils are a lot of people’s favorite way to add natural fragrance to their homes. Find the perfect essential oil gifts in this essential oil gift guide for the essential oil lover on your list. 

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Even if you’re shopping on a budget this season, or you don’t know a thing about essential oils, essential oils are a great gift to give. I’m sharing 50 of the best essential oil gifts in this Ultimate Essential Oil Gift Guide. But first let’s talk a little about essential oils to make sure you choose the best essential oil gifts for the loved ones in your life. 

Who Loves Essential Oil Gifts?

There are many types of people who love eo gifts – moms, nature lovers, people with allergies and sensitivities – and for good reason. Here’s why:

  1. True essential oils come from nature. So if you’re trying to eliminate toxins and chemicals from your home, you will love essential oils. 
  2. Essential oils are simple to use. There’s nothing complicated about them, just diffuse, or add a carrier oil and you’re good to go. 
  3. They’re versatile. One type of oil can be used for many purposes. And they’re good for home cleaners, skin care, muscles aches and more. 
  4. They’re cost effective. While essential oils may seem expensive initially, they really do go a long way because you only use a drop or two at a time. 
  5. Essential oils have a long shelf life because if they’re pure, they don’t go rancid like other oils or products. 
  6. They smell really good! Scent is one of those other layers to creating a lovely, peaceful home and essential oils are a great, natural way to do that. 

The 7 most popular “must-have” essential oils 

If you are unsure of essential oils and you haven’t really used them yourself before, the best essential oils to give as gifts are ones that many people like. The most popular single essential oils are:

1. Lavender

Lavender is the most universally liked essential oil. Its benefits include promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. 

2. Frankincense

Frankincense has been around for thousands of years and was one of the gifts the wise men presented shortly after Jesus’ birth. It is grounding and calming and is said to include healing properties. 

3. Peppermint

Peppermint essential oil is uplifting and invigorating. It can help relieve headaches when its vapors are inhaled and muscle soreness when rubbed (with a carrier oil) into the skin.  

4. Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is great for cleansing and purifying. We’ve used it at our house for years in place of pharmaceutical topical acne treatments. 

5. Grapefruit

Grapefruit essential oil is uplifting, cleansing and crisp. It’s a lovely light scent. 

6. Lemon

Lemon essential oil is great in all matter of cleaning supplies. It’s uplifting, refreshing and clean smelling. 

7. Sweet Orange

Sweet orange is a beautiful scent. When mixed with vanilla it smells a lot like a creamsicle! Otherwise, it’s just plain refreshing. 

TIP: If you’re giving essential oils to someone who has pets or babies, check out this post for which essential oils to avoid

What to get someone who loves essential oils?

Since there are so many different ways to use essential oils, you’re actually in luck, because that means there are all sorts of essential oil gifts you can give! I will link to several in a minute, but here is a quick list of unique essential oil gifts to get your creative gift-giving juices flowing:

  • t-shirts with cute essential oil sayings
  • doormats with eo welcome messages
  • portable diffusers like essential oil bracelets, essential oil necklaces, essential oil rings
  • essential oil car diffusers
  • eo organizers (shelves, racks, etc.)
  • roller bottles
  • pretty labels
  • spray bottles (for cleaners, and room sprays)
  • travel cases and pouches for essential oils

How do you make essential oils for gifts?

Aside from buying gifts, there’s always the DIY route too and eo gifts are actually pretty easy to make. 

You could make:

  • custom diffuser blends
  • perfume
  • room sprays
  • cleaning products (in pretty packaging, of course!)
  • skin care

And more to give as homemade gifts. 

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There are oodles of ideas in The Complete Guide to Using Essential Oils in Your Home*, that you could make and give as gifts. Or you could order a copy for each of your “oily” friends!

*Please note that this guide is for personal use only, one copy per person and should not be downloaded and given to multiple people from one purchase.

What is the best diffuser?

Diffusers are one of the most popular ways that people use essential oils in their home. These amazing little devices break down the oil into tiny modules and disperse them through the air. When you inhale the oils, these molecules enter the bloodstream almost instantly. Since the integrity of the oil stays intact, you get the full therapeutic benefits from the oils.  Depending on which oils you use, a diffuser can eliminate odors, purify the air, help you relax and help create a peaceful environment for sleeping

There are several types of diffusers and you can read more in-depth about them here, in my post called Essential Oil Diffusers 101. And the “best” one is always changing depending on whose list you read. But you would be safest to choose a highly rated diffuser on Amazon or a best-seller from stores like Saje. Aside from how the diffuser functions and its ratings, look for one that would suit your friend or family member’s home decor best. 

And if you remember to get a gift receipt, the recipient could always exchange the diffuser for one that suits them better. 

The Ultimate Essential Oil Gifts Guide 

Okay, so now that you have all that background and some general essential oil gift ideas, let’s dive into some specifics. Below is a plethora of the best essential oils, gift sets and ideas for diffusers, rollers, jewelry and more to give as gifts.

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Essential Oils Gift Sets

Okay, let’s start with the most obvious eo gifts, essential oil gift sets. These are boxed up sets of various essential oils, usually in some sort of themed way, like oils for stress, or for skin care, or holiday scents. These type of box sets usually contain smaller bottles (not full sized) and they are really easy to wrap up and give. 

essential oil gift guide gift sets

Essential Oil Gift Sets

Essential Oil Themed Gifts 

By essential oil themed gifts, I mean gifts that give a nod to the person’s love of essential oils or otherwise mention eo’s in some way. These can be t-shirts, welcome mats and more. 

essential oil gift guide eo gifts

Essential Oil Themed Gifts

Essential Oil Traditional Diffusers

Earlier in this post, I shared that diffusers are a great way to use essential oils in your home. Here are a few awesome ones that any essential oil lover would, well, love!

essential oils themed gift guide diffusers

Essential Oil Diffusers

Waterless Essential Oil Diffusers 

Sometimes diffusing oils is wanted somewhere there isn’t an electric outlet OR maybe you don’t want to add humidity to the air. These waterless diffusers are pretty portable! 

essential oils gift guide waterless diffusers

Waterless Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential Oil Rollers

Small roller bottles are super handy containers for perfumes, headache remedies and more. Plus they’re so much cuter to carry around!

essential oil gift guide roller bottles

Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Essential Oil Jewelry

Of course part of the joy of essential oils is being able to easily smell their scent. Specially designed essential oil jewelry allows you to do just that. 

essential oils themed gift guide jewelry

Essential Oil Jewelry

Essential Oil Storage and Organization

Of course, if you have essential oils, you need somewhere to store and/or display them, right? These solutions are pretty and practical. (Tip: if you can’t find a shelf you like, try a nail polish shelf!)

essential oils themed gift guide storage

Essential Oil Storage

Essential Oil Travel Cases and Holders

Most essential oil lovers travel with their favorites. Here are a few travel cases and holders that would be great for this. 

essential oil gift guide travel cases

Essential Oil Travel Cases

Carrier Oils for Using EO’s in Skincare

If essential oils are going to be used in perfumes or other skincare, they need a carrier oil to go with them. Here are some of the most popular. 

essential oils gift guide carrier oils

Carrier Oils for EO Skincare

Books About Essential Oils

If you or your special someone wants to know more about essential oils and their uses, these books will make fabulous and useful gifts!

essential oils books and ebooks

Books About Essential Oils

More Essential Oil Ideas

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite ideas were from this post, or if my ideas sparked new ideas for you. Leave me a comment below, or give a shoutout on social media with #homemadelovely. 🙂 

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