In this post: Turn a classic kids’ craft into a pretty home decor piece. Make an easy pop pom garland to add a little texture to your space. You could even have the kids help you!

Quick, actually-doable crafts for the home are my thing. Because you know how much I like easy, right? And pretty. Well this pom-pom garland is so easy, your kids could join in the fun. And they just happen to be adorable and affordable too!

easy diy pom-pom garland tutorial

Easy Pom-Pom Garland Tutorial

pom pom garland on white electric fireplace


  • yarn
  • scissors
  • ruler


1. Cut an 8″ length of yarn. Set aside.

measure length of yarn

2.Wrap yarn around your hand until it’s nice and thick. There is no “right” amount. Experiment until you get a thickness you like.

pom pom garland wrap around hand

3. Gently remove yarn from your hand and lay on top of 8″ length of yarn from step 1 (as shown).

string around yarn ball

4. Carefully pull tight and tie a knot.

tie a knot around pom poms

5. Snip yarn “loops” to make a rather unruly looking pom-pom.

snip loops to make pom pom

unruly pom pom

6. Give pom-pom a haircut to even it out. Or leave it all wild and unruly if you feel like it!

give pom pom a hair cut

trim pom pom

trim the pom poms

7. Repeat steps 1-6 to make six pom-poms.

8. Cut a 60″ length of yarn.

9. Tie pom-poms on about every 10 inches or so.

10. Hang and enjoy!

hang pom-pom garland

easy pom-pom garland diy

I chose warm white yarn to go with our living room in winter, but you could choose bright colors for a child’s room, burnt oranges in the fall or pastels in the spring.

Got extra yarn? Why not make some yarn wrapped hearts too?

white fireplace with pom pom garland

Another craft for your home that is easy, quick, affordable and can fit into any color scheme!

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