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Easy French Paint Finish

Oh my goodness! Have I ever told you how much I love the look of french antique furniture?

Curvy, aged and neutral. Mmm. Perfect.

So can you imagine my thrill when I found this mirror at Value Village for super cheap whilst looking for something to make over for this month’s Trash to Treasure

mirror before

I’m also super excited because – quite by accident – I found the perfect French paint finish using items you can easily get at your LOCAL hardware store!

Easy French Paint Finish

easy french paint finish


  • primer
  • Sherwin Williams SW 7051 Analytical Gray or other paint color matched (I used SW SuperPaint in satin finish because we had it leftover from painting the dining room)
  • dark wax (like Miss Mustard Seed Antiquing Wax or Minwax Paste Finishing Wax or Van Gogh Beeswax in Caffeine)
  • sandpaper
  • brushes
  • painter’s tape (I always try to use Frog Tape because it seems to block the paint better)


mirror sanded

1. Gently sand surface and wipe away dust.

2. Prime with your favorite primer.

mirror painted

3. Paint with Analytical Gray. Perhaps two coats. (It looks white in the photo above – but it is a gorgeous beige gray.)

mirror waxing detail

mirror finish detail

4. Apply dark wax with a stiff short bristled brush or clean rag. Work into crevices and then wait a few minutes. Buff to finish and remove excess.

I’m LOVING the AFTER (in our almost finished entryway)!!!!

french finish mirror

finished detail


Do you like the French painted look? Do you have any pieces in your house finished in this way?

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