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In this post: Make these quick and easy personalized DIY wine glass charms to keep track of your wine glass at home and avoid sharing germs!

These DIY wine glass charms are so easy. They pretty much explain themselves. I mean, you only need five six things; hemp string, scissors, round key tags, a pen, wine glasses and…WINE!

But I’ll give you the how-to anyway. Just in case you got into the wine before you started the project. 😉

white wine and red wine in glasses with diy wine glass charms

What are Wine Glass Charms?

Wine charms are used to identify who a wine glass belongs to and are usually attached to a stemmed wine glass around the stem or on a stemless glass by temporary adhesive or suction. 

How Do You Make Wine Glass Charms?

There are all kinds of ways to make wine glass charms and you can use almost any medium to make them: beads, paper rings, and more. 

Tip: If you have stemless wine glasses, you can easily use wine glass markers! Or these suction-on charms

How Do You Store Wine Glass Charms?

We tend to reuse our charms here because they get used by the same people over and over again. We keep them in a kitchen drawer with other liquor or alcohol related things like the bottle opener, beer cozies and wine bottle stoppers. 

Of course, if you’re truly concerned about germs, you could simply toss or recycle the DIY wine charms below, as they are extremely low cost and fairly recyclable. 

How to Customize Your Wine Glass Charms

With generic, store-bought wine glass charms, you need to remember which color or shape you’ve been assigned. Which is sometimes not the easiest thing to do! 

But with this DIY version, you can customize them any way you like. You can include a person’s name, nickname, number, or fun shape or character!

kraft paper ring tags with names and numbers

Project Tutorial: Easy DIY Wine Glass Charms

I’ve made a few different sets of wine glass charms over the years. These ones are the easiest I’ve ever made. And they are the most inexpensive to make as well!


homemade wine charm supplies


1. With pen add names, numbers, letters or whatever to each label. Make them unique. The idea is for people to be able to tell whose drink is whose with these DIY wine glass charms – and avoid sharing germs with others!

2. Cut a length of hemp string to about 3 inches. Loop through hole in key tag and tie onto stem of wine glass.

wine glass with no 1 tag

3. Pour some wine and enjoy!

DIY wine glass charms on stemmed wine glasses

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Funny side note

Notice that the white wine is labeled No. 1 and the red wine is labeled No. 2?

I totally labeled them randomly for the photo. No real rhyme or reason.

Well at our house, Dean is the drinker of red wine and I prefer the white. Like really prefer. (Except for a wine we have here called Bodacious Smooth Red. That red I like.)

Which means I got number 1 and he got number 2.

And then we were all thinking of this song:

I’m not sure which is funnier – that I’m the green frog or that Dean is “number 2”?!

diy paper ring wine glass charms with text overlay

Do you have favorite wine charms? Are you a red or a white wine lover?

shannon photo and sig oct 2022