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Easy Chalkboard Wall Design – Rectangles

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Having a chalkboard wall is fun and flexible. Use it for doodles, notes or fun designs like this easy chalkboard wall design using not rulers or measuring!

We painted our dining room chalkboard wall about two years ago now.

easy chalkboard stenciled wall

It’s good for doodles when the buffet isn’t blocking the wall. But mostly I use it for creating impactful art with the changing seasons – and occasionally just on a whim.

(I really should paint another one just for the kids to create on. Remind me sometime, would you?)

Anyway I thought it would be fun to try a few ideas and share them with you – you know just in case your freehand chalk drawing isn’t awesome. (Mine isn’t either – I like to use aids like rulers and projectors!)

easy chalkboard grid wall

I was thinking up ways to create a fun focal wall that everyone could do on a chalkboard wall – initially thinking I’d use the same stencil I used in our master bedroom.

Home Made Lovely Master Bedroom

Only when I went to find the stencil I remembered I’d lent it to my sister. #oops

So I wracked my brain (ouch!) trying to think of something else that would “fill” the wall without making me go looney toons with repetitive detail. Or make me want to shoot myself trying to measure and level all kinds of lines.

It’s the funniest thing, what I ended up using…

picture frame matte

It’s true. A large matte for a picture frame.

DIY Easy Chalkboard Wall Design – Rectangles

farmhouse industrial hutch light chalkboard wall



(You MAY want to be sure your ceiling is level but you could just eye ball it. Worst case you have to erase your chalk marks and start over.)

1. Start at the top left corner of the wall, lining up the outside left and top edges of the matte with the wall and the ceiling respectively. Use chalk to trace around the inside opening of the matte.

drawing inside the lines chalk

2. Move the matte over – lining up the left edge of the matte with the right chalk line and the top of the matte with the ceiling. Trace around the inside opening of the matte with chalk.

lining up the lines

3. Repeat all the way across the wall.

4. For the next row simply line the left outside edge of the matte with the wall and the top outside edge with the bottom chalk line of the rectangle above it. Again trace around the inside opening of the matte with chalk.

5. Continue working left to right until you have a full wall of chalk rectangles!

grid on chalkboard

chalkboard wall squares

There you have it – an unlikely tool to create a fun focal wall!

Do you have a chalkboard wall at your house? Would you paint one? How would you decorate it?


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  1. PIa says

    This is pure genius!

    I am SO impressed that you turned something so humdrum into something that is such a fantastic Creative tool – measuring and lining up all the inside lines AND the outside lines!!

    Man, I love your work.

  2. Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY says

    Hi Shannon, I love the arrangement and your envy-inducing, mug collection. I’ve been looking around and your blog is a pleasure to browse.

    Have a wonderful day,


    • Shannon says

      Thank you Lisa. I didn’t buy all the mugs at once – but over a few months. It’s funny I don’t like mismatched mugs – but the white ones with typography get me every time!

  3. Gwen says

    Love this look!! Even empty!!!
    My first year of teaching I had a rolling chalkboard. I was lousy at writing on chalkboards ?was so happy when whiteboards were the thing. Now that’s passé! I have chalkboards on two of my laundry room doors. Never thought I barely can reach them!!!
    I have an antique plain board on my kitchen pantry door. Like that.
    My friend did a wall. Looks great!!! Fun for verses. Seasonal stuff. Yes if I’d made room in my little house I’d have done it!!!

  4. Cat @ MaryMarthaMama says

    I LOVE it. I don’t have a chalk board wall but I do have a large one in our kitchen (it’s like 3X5 feet) I love to draw on it and let the kids have at it too. Yours have a lovely, beautiful impact. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Julie says

    I love a practical solution to a “I lent it to my sister” problem. This looks amazing.
    Oh and don’t forget to do a wall for the kids sometime!!

  6. Alisha says

    I just came across your website and have been swooning every single page I click! Your home is beautiful and your style is amazing! I am in love with the sign and the buffet in your dining room and wondering if you would mind telling me where you got them? Everything is so beautiful!

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