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In this post: Make this DIY drop cloth chalkboard banner in just a few simple steps – and then change the saying whenever you like!

Hello Home Made Lovely readers!! I am totally honored and super duper excited to be here with you today to share this DIY Drop Cloth Chalkboard Banner!! This is Shonee and you can find me sharing all kinds of DIY projects along with home renovations and makeovers over at Hawthorne and Main.


With summer almost here….fingers crossed… I wanted to share with you guys this super easy and customizable drop cloth chalk board banner.

Have you ever worked with drop cloth before?  Seriously, who knew that you could buy such an amazing fabric at a hardware store! Probably my favorite thing about drop cloths is the color and the texture…ok that was two things!  I think you get the idea, this stuff rocks!!

I am the type of person who loves to decorate, pretty much for every holiday! I love the festive feeling that comes into my home when it is all decked out!  But…..

I also like to reuse home decor items.  I hate to spend a lot of time working on a project only to bring it out for a few weeks each year.  This banner is so customizable that I will be able to use it year round!!

Lets get started!

Chalk board banner title

Drop Cloth Chalkboard Banner



Chalk board banner process collage

1. To start, print out the banner printable that I have included at the bottom.  Trace and cut out as many banners as you would like.

2. Next, grab a piece of scrap paper and cut out a rectangle about 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches in size.  Then, trace the rectangle onto each of the banners.  Using your foam brush carefully paint inside the lines on each banner with the chalkboard paint.

3. After all of the banners have been painted and allowed time for drying it is time to assemble!

Here is a pro tip for you!! Turn your banner over so that the wrong side is facing up. Add a dot of hot glue just to the corners as seen in the image below.  Gently press down.  This way you can string each banner piece and change up how many pieces are on there are once. You can use it for each family members birthdays, parties, holidays or other fun festive occasions! Also, when you get ready to write something new on the banner, use a wet towel to gently dab off the current letters. Couldn’t be easier!

Chalk board banner square with red dots

4. After the glue is dry, string on each of the banner pieces to your twine!

Chalk board banner 24

Chalk board banner 16

Chalk board banner 14

Chalk board banner 18Chalk board banner 9Chalk board banner 18 Chalk board banner 19 Chalk board banner 22

I couldn’t be happier with the way that this turned out!  What a super fun way to customize any occasion!! Here is to a wonderful fun summer!!

Print Banner Template Here! 

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