In this post: A fun DIY Union Jack coffee table makeover.

I’ve been wanting to do this project for months and today I finally had the chance to get to it!

DIY Union Jack coffee table makeover copy

I can’t explain why I like the Union Jack . But I do. Especially the aged and neutral coloured ones, like this Z Gallerie Union Jack Rug…

Anyway, our coffee table has been made over twice now – the first makeover was painting it and adding the beadboard. You can read about that here.  Would you believe it used to look like this!?!

A bit of a change, no?

Anyway our super handy dandy storage coffee table holds all of our family board games, which is why we redid it rather than replace it. I prefer to leave the top clear so the kids can get at the games whenever they like, but found that it looked odd that way before. Now, with the addition of the Union Jack, it looks just fine au natural!

DIY Union Jack Coffee Table


  • coffee table
  • paint: base colour, accent colour, white craft paint & black craft paint
  • paint brush
  • painter’s tape
  • ruler
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • sandpaper
  • Minwax Dark Finishing Paste Wax
  • lint free cloth

Step 1.
If not already painted paint your base coat, let dry.

Step 2.
Using your ruler, mark out your Union Jack. The biggest tip I can give you here to place a straight edge from corner to corner and draw a line. Then measure out your diagonal strips from the center of that line.

Step 3.
Using your painter’s tape, tape off your Union Jack. The painter’s tape covers where the base coat will show through.

Step 4.
Add several drops of white paint to your accent colour and paint the triangles of your Union Jack.

Step 5.
Now add a couple of drops of black paint and paint the diagonal strips.

Step 6.
Add a bit more black and paint the vertical and horizontal thick strips.

Step 7.
While the paint is damp, peel off all of the painter’s tape. Let paint dry. You can help it along with the blow dryer if you like.

Step 8.
Sand entire coffee table top with fine grit sandpaper. Be sure to sand with the grain for the best results.

Step 9.
Using a lint free cloth rub dark wax into the wood over entire table top.

And you’re done!

  What do you think of our Union Jack coffee table?

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