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Learn How to Make Your Own DIY Mason Jar Wall Planter

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An adorable farmhouse DIY project for spring or anytime, learn how to Make your own Mason Jar Wall Planter.

Good morning friends! I’m so happy to be popping by today from Making it in the Mountains, to share this Mason Jar Wall Planter. With Spring FINALLY on it’s way, I couldn’t help but welcome it in with some pretty flowers around the house…

Mason Jar Vases |

Oh Spring – a breath of fresh (warm) air after 6+ months of freezing cold, snow-filled days. You know the type, when it’s so cold icicles form on your eyelashes the second you walk outside. #welcometoCanada

Okay, maaaaaybe I’m exaggerating just a bit. It hasn’t really been six whole months. So far, our 2016 has actually been pretty warm. I’m talking, sun shining, snow melting, I can leave the house without a coat in the afternoon warm! Though it never fails, the skies always seem to dump another 5 inches of snow on us while we’re snuggled up in bed dreaming of those long Summer days to come.

Spring can be such a tease.

I’ve got to say, I feel pretty darn lucky to be getting these little glimpses of Spring-like weather in February … here in northern Alberta, it’s rare to see any snow melting until April or May. In fact, I’d sooner expect to see a dinosaur out my front door than a Spring day in February.

But, boy am I going to enjoy it while I can!

And, when I can’t, when our world is covered in a foot of snow again and I feel like crying…

Well, I’ll just look at the pretty flowers scattered around my house and remind myself that Winter can’t last forever. Even in Canada. #knockonwood

Now, tell me this doesn’t put a smile on your face…

Mason Jar Vases |
And now, I cannot wait to show you how I put it together!

Learn How to Make Your Own DIY Mason Jar Wall Planter

Mason Jar Wall Planter



1. I started with a plain piece of 1×6 lumber that I dug out of our scrap wood pile. I simply covered it with a bit of stain (I love this reactive stain from Leatherwood) and, because I planned to hang this thing on the wall, I nailed in a picture hanging hook to either end of the back.

2. To create the vases, I used 3 little glass jars. I’m actually a bit of a mason jar hoarder (who doesn’t have a few extra mason jars lying around?) – they’re just such a pretty way to store things that I just can’t help but collect them. I covered each jar with a coat of chalk paint (my go-to is always Country Chic). I chose to paint each jar a different color, creating almost an ombre effect, but obviously, this part is totally up to you.

3. After letting my little jars dry for a half hour or so, I lightly sanded each one to distress it a bit.

Mason Jar Vases |
4. Now, with my board and jars complete, it was time to put it all together. To hold the mason jars to my board, I used some adjustable metal rings that I picked up in the plumbing section of my local hardware store. They’ve got a bit of an industrial look to them, but I couldn’t help giving them a quick coat of gold spray paint.

Mason Jar Vases |
Honestly, I had no idea how I was going to attach these metal rings to the board until I came across some brilliant little saw tooth picture hangers at the hardware store – I swear, you could almost see the lightbulb go on over my head.

Mason Jar Vases |
5. After measuring and marking equal spacing between the three spots, I nailed the picture hangers sideways onto the front of my board.

6. Then I fished my painted metal rings right through the middle of of my sideways hooks to attach them to my board.

7. Finally, I stuffed each jar into a metal ring, screwed it tight around the top of each jar and broke off the extra bits of metal overhang by simply bending them back and forth a few times (brilliant, right?).

8. Then hang it on the wall with hangers of choice and fill each little jar with some pretty flowers.

Mason Jar Vases |

Mason Jar Vases |

Mason Jar Vases |

Mason Jar Vases |

Mason Jar Vases |

Mason Jar Vases |

Mason Jar Vases |

Mason Jar Vases |


Mason Jar Vases |

Mason Jar Vases |
Seeing these lovely flowers every morning when I sit down at my desk to work brightens up even the snowiest of Spring days!

Mason Jar Vases |
Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!


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