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 In this post: Make these easy DIY industrial numbered baskets for some stylish storage.

Have you ever seen a photo of a perfect-for-you room somewhere online? Have you ever then spent an inordinate amount of time dreaming about said room? Wondering how you could make it your own? Recreate it – or parts of it – in your own home?

That was what I did when I came across a photo of baskets painted with numbers.

Which got me thinking….I could DIY industrial numbered baskets for our house!

DIY Industrial Numbered Baskets

square basket with painted number 3



1. Using Gimp or another program and the font STENCIL, create a numbers to size. Either print out numbers or trace from computer screen.

2. Carefully cut out numbers, to create a stencil. Tape stencil to basket with scotch tape.

3. Trace number outline with paint marker.

4. Remove stencil.

5. Fill in number outline with paint marker.

So simple, yes? Do you have any baskets kicking around that could use a little industrial bling? What numbers would you choose?

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