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DIY Hand Lettered Globe

Have you noticed the trend lately?

The hand-lettered trend?

It’s on art prints, cards and vases.

It’s on globes too!

rustic industrial shelf styling

Since it’s such a fun look, I thought I’d try my hand at making over a wee globe that I purchased years ago.

DIY Hand Lettered Globe

It's a small world hand painted globe



diy hand lettered globe before

1. Tape off top and bottom of globe to prevent painting on unwanted surface.

diy painted globe taped

2. Paint whole globe with base paint color. I went with a really simple neutral off-white by Fusion Mineral Paints called Champlain to really contrast the black hand-lettering. Let dry. Repeat if necessary for good opaque coverage. I actually applied three coats.

diy hand painted globe first coat

diy hand lettered globe

3. Practice hand lettering with brush marker on plain or lined paper. Sean Wes has a great little free intro to hand-lettering (plus a paid course) here. And Emily has a calligraphy-style tutorial here. Practice what you’re going to write/paint on your globe.

hand lettering practice

4. Lightly outline your words for placement in pencil on the painted globe.

5. Using your pencil lines as a guide, use your copic or other brush marker to write your lettering.

Hand painted globe

Now I know some of you are going to say that your hand writing isn’t so great. But honestly that’s sort of part of the charm of the look of hand lettering these days – some is precise and perfect and some is loose and a little bit wild.

Just go with it!

Styled Office Shelves

It's a small world hand painted globe

Are you into the whole hand lettered look of late? Do you have any old globes kicking around that could use a little artsy touch?!

This post was sponsored by Fusion Mineral Paint. I love using this paint for it’s adhesion and coverage! 

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