In this post: How to make diy chalkboard chargers for fun table settings!

So – it’s finally SpRiNg!! And with spring comes Easter and with Easter comes family dinner {or brunch}. And since we’re hosting my family for Easter again this year {Yay! I love hosting!}, I thought it was time to do something with our tired old silver-toned chargers. But what?

I thought of papering them with vintage book pages. But that was an epic fail! That just looked like plates wrapped in newspaper – you know like when you pack them to move? Yeah. No.

Then I thought of painting them. Okay. And then I thought of painting them with chalkboard paint to make CHALKBOARD CHARGERS! Oh Yeah!

how to make chalkboard chargers


DIY Chalkboard Chargers

When the weather was so nice a couple of weeks ago, I hauled all our chargers out to the driveway and spray painted them with Rust Oleum chalkboard spray paint. {Now our driveway looks like those fields with crop circles – anyone seen Rory Tate, Circle Researcher, lately?!}.

After leaving the chargers to dry, I brought them inside and let them cure for 24 hours.

Then I prepped them by rubbing chalk all over them and then gently wiping it off with a soft tea towel. {The Rust Oleum can instructions recommend using those felt chalk erasers, but I didn’t have one}.

Now our chargers are all ready for Easter and birthdays and Thanksgiving and…



What do you think of our DIY Chalkboard Chargers? Have you painted anything with chalkboard spray paint?

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