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DIY Burlap Wrapped Jars

In this post: how to make farmhouse-style burlap wrapped jars that can be used as vases, or storage and organization.

I sure hope you like burlap, because for the second week in a row I’ve done a DIY burlap project! That’s just how it goes sometimes, I suppose. But you don’t mind, do you?! I’m sure you like burlap – after all, what’s not to love about it!? {That is a rhetorical question, BTW!}

how to make burlap wrapped

DIY Burlap Wrapped Jars

This particular project is so easy it almost seems silly to post it! But I worked on it, it’s a DIY and it’s currently sitting up on our faux mantle. So post about it I will!

I quite like the texture (of course!) and the painted numbers speak to my love of typography and numbers.

DIY Burlap Wrapped Jars

What you’ll need:

  • glass vases or jars
  • small amount of burlap (depending on your vases)
  • numbers stencils
  • paint
  • stencil brush
  • hot glue gun

Step 1. Cut out burlap to size for your particular jars.

Step 2. Position your stencils on each piece of burlap.

Step 3. Using a stencil brush, dab paint onto burlap through stencil. Let dry (this doesn’t take very long).

Step 4. Wrap burlap around vase/jar and secure with a bead of hot glue. (Not Shown)

I’m loving these little vases! You?

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