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In this post: Want an easy way to get the look of pretty, antique-looking book bundles? Well, here’s a simple tutorial to make your own DIY Book Bundles.

About a year ago I participated with a few of my blogging friends in a monthly series called Trash to Treasure. I loved it because it focused on taking something that was either trash or of little inherent value and then transformed into something beautiful and useful. From that series, we created things like our Framed Art Turned Chalkboard (that now lives in our daughter’s room) and our Thrift Store Bar Cart.

gallery wall


Sadly as the year went on, the series sort of fell by the wayside as the other bloggers moved onto other things.

BUT today I’m happy to announce that the series is back! Each month I’m partnering with Alicia from A Burst of Beautiful, Allison from Hello Allison and Taryn from Taryn Whiteaker to bring you the best Trash to Treasure projects yet! Seriously you are going to love these girls, if you don’t know them already! 

So what did we make for our inaugural Trash to Treasure post?

framed art print, thrifted book bundles, coverless books tied with twine

DIY Book Bundles

Home Made Lovely DIY Book Bundles Trash To Treasure Jan 16

I wanted to do something simple. I’ve been thinking a lot about styling bookshelves and tabletops lately.  Which brought to mind the Restoration Hardware Antiqued Uncovered Book Bundles (no longer available) from a few years ago.

Uncovered book bundles are perfect for ANY decor and they add just a little bit of a vintage  – almost historic – feel. Some texture to shelves and side tables.

But just because RH doesn’t sell them anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have them – you just  need to DIY a set for yourself!


DIY Book Bundles Supplies


1. Go to your local thrift shop.

2. Buy some uber cheap books (sometimes they’re available for just 25 cents a book!).

*Or combine Steps one and two and shop your own house for old books!!!

3. Remove the covers.

Rip the covers off

4. Stack the books into bundles with some spines in and some spines out.

Stack the books

5. Tie the books up with jute or hemp cording.

Wrap book bundles with twine or jute


And if you aren’t feeling particularly crafty (what?!), you can purchase some f-a-b book bundles on etsy here.

Bonus Tip | If you want to make your bookshelves a little less random with actual keeper books, you can turn them backwards (spine in). Presto! All you see is pages, instead of a mish-mash of colours and styles!

Trash to Treasure Book Bundles

We are definitely not the first bloggers in blogland to post about thrifting and uncovering books. We just thought y’all would like the easy DIY project!

DIY Book Bundles

Have you ever used books as objêts d’art? Have you made your own book bundles in recent years?

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