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In this post: Make a DIY barn wood serving tray from old barn boards (or wood that looks like old barn wood) and some knobs and handles!

Hello Home Made Lovely readers! This is Shonee from Hawthorne & Main, joining you again for another DIY project! Today I’m sharing a DIY Barn Wood Serving Tray!

A few weeks ago I heard a story about a woman who went to visit her friend.  When she arrived at her friend’s house she was met with a wonderful tray of treats and a nice beverage.  She commented on how sweet she felt that her friend has prepared a simple, yet thoughtful welcoming to her friend.

Ever since that day, I was determined to be like that.  I love my house. I love it when people come to visit.  I want my house to be a place where people feel comfortable and happy.

I hope you are the same way!

Why not have a serving tray and a few treats on hand just in case a friend decides to stop by?

Let me show you how easy it is to create a DIY barn wood serving tray!

DIY Barn Wood Serving Tray

DIY barn wood serving tray



barn+wood+serving+tray+with+haredware 1


1. Mark and drill where you want the feet of the tray to go.  I like to pre-drill holes because it makes it easier to get the screws in.

barn+wood+serving+tray+with+haredware 3

Since my barn wood is real and weathered, it wasn’t exactly the flattest board.  To get around this, I added a small piece of wood to the one side that was no sitting right.  Since it is on the bottom no one will ever know.

2. After the feet are on, drill the holes and attach the drawer pulls for the top of the tray.

barn+wood+serving+tray+with+haredware 4


I debated about adding some stenciling to the top.  I still might add that later.

What if you don’t have access to barn wood?  Not a problem

An older cutting board would work great, I bet you could find one at a thrift store or you might already have an old one that needs to be retired!  Or, you could even make one using new wood, a 1×12 would be perfect!

Get creative!

Now the fun part, getting the tray ready for guests!  Whether you like tea, coffee, juice, soda, or lemonade, this tray will be perfect for helping your guest feel more comfortable and let them know how much you care.

barn+wood+serving+tray+with+haredware 14

barn+wood+serving+tray+with+haredware 8

barn+wood+serving+tray+with+haredware 6

barn+wood+serving+tray+with+haredware 20

barn+wood+serving+tray+with+haredware 11

barn+wood+serving+tray+with+haredware 21

If you like to have people over to your house, then I hope you will join me in creating a simple serving tray.  It is sure to help you guests feel more at home and comfortable! barn+wood+serving+tray+with+hardeware title


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Thank you Shonee!

I love this little barn wood serving tray!

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