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DIY Barn Wood Jewelry Hanger

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Using some fancy knobs and a scrap of barn wood, create this DIY barn wood jewelry hanger to keep your necklaces untangled.

Hello again my friends! I’m so happy to be popping over again today from Making it in the Mountains to share this lovely DIY Barn Wood Jewelry Hanger! If you’ve been on the hunt for a pretty way to display your necklaces (or about a zillion other things really), this one’s for you!

DIY Barn Wood Jewelry Hanger
They say a picture is worth a thousand words …

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

And I don’t think I need to tell you why I found the need to create a Jewelry Hanger.

Having to untangle this mess every time I wanted to put something pretty around my neck … it’s why you’d rarely see me wearing more than a pair of earrings. Well that, and the fact that my three year old ends up wearing it more than I do when I finally do work up the courage to dig one out.

I’ve actually got a ton of pretty jewelry, but you’d never know it by looking at that hot mess.

Would you believe I’ve been living like this for years?

So, what made me decide to do something about this now? Why bother to organize and display all of that lovely jewelry? What finally pushed me over that edge? This photo I shared on Instagram explains it all!

DIY Barn Wood Jewelry Hanger

You thought I was going to tell you that I finally got sick of untying each necklace every time I wanted to wear something, right? And I was.

But, the truth is – I couldn’t help myself when I found these gorgeous knobs at Anthropologie! I found myself buying them before I had any idea of what I might do with them. And because I didn’t want to see the $60 I spent on them waste away at the bottom of my craft closet (or explain to hubs that I would in fact find a way to use them someday!), I wanted to put them straight to work.

And then, finding the most gorgeous piece of barn wood the very next day, I knew just what I needed to do…

Honestly, it was like all of these perfect pieces just fell into my lap! With those lovely knobs and that perfectly weathered wood, how could a girl not feel inspired?!

DIY Barn Wood Jewelry Hanger



1. I started by cutting a piece of my barn wood to about 2.5 feet long.

2. Then it was a matter of drilling holes for each of my knobs, taking care to make sure that each was centered between the top and the bottom and that all were evenly spaced apart. Because the screws on the backs of the knobs were made for drawers, hubs ended up having to cut quite a bit of the screw off with a Dremel so that it could sit flush with the wall. He also chose to counter sink the holes from the back to allow everything to sit flush with the barn board.

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

3. Finally, it was time to add a couple of hooks to the back, fish a piece of picture hanging wire across them and hang this beauty on the wall!

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

At last, I had a beautiful way to not only keep my jewelry organized (and ready to use!), but I now have the perfect way to display my favorite pieces!

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Barnwood Jewelry Hanger

This was SUCH a quick one to knock out, I can’t believe I lived without it for as long as I did!!!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

Thank you, Kristi!

What do you think – a pretty way to keep necklaces from getting tangled, yes?!


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  1. PIa says

    I ADORE this.
    And for once I can actually find the items in my own Oz town, that I see on a Nth American blog tutorial (yayyyyyyyyyy)

    I have a daggy bit of wood from a demolished laundry – the walls were made from rough-milled jarrah boards (100 years ago!) AND we actually have a local shop that sells gorgeous knobs just like your sparkling beauties.
    OMG – I’m so excited!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Kristi says

      That is SO great Pia!!! I’m thrilled that you love it and even happier to hear that you can make one of your very own!!! Happy building my friend!

  2. Brenda Young says

    Love the rustic with vintage inspired bling, what a great wood piece shape too, I have to share this with my sis who lucky her, just came into literally a whole entire 100 year old barn that was torn down and is planning all sorts of goodies for her new home, floors, mantles, barn door sect. She would love this as well!

    • Kristi says

      Oh my gosh! SUCH a lucky gal! My head is overflowing with ideas for her πŸ˜‰ Thank you SO much for your sweet comment Brenda!

  3. Cynthia Crumpton Tapp says

    I really love your stuff, it gives me inspiration. I have a booth at a local Vendors Market, I will be adding some of your creative ideas. Thanks so much!
    Cindy Tapp

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