In this post: It’s finally BBQ season again! Here are 8 Delicious BBQ Recipes You’re Going to Want to Make This Summer!

I so love bbq season, don’t you?! Especially after a long winter! So yummy!!! Here are a few of our recent favorite bbq recipes!

It's finally BBQ season again! Here are 8 Delicious BBQ Recipes You're Going to Want to Make This Summer!

Simple Black Bean Burgers by A Virtuous Woman

bbq food on a plate, outside

My Mom’s BBQ Potatoes by Shannon Acheson

Herb Marinated Grilled Pork Chops by The Best Blog Recipes

Lemon Grilled Salmon with Mixed Grilled Vegetables by Sumptuous Spoonfuls

Mustard Grilled Chicken Sandwiches by This Silly Girls Life

Beer Can Chicken Smoker Recipe by Shannon Acheson

Shish Kebab by Culinary Ginger

Dry Rub Grilled Chicken with Salted Edamame by Shibley Smiles


What are your favorite bbq recipes? Do you bbq much this time of year?

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  1. Mmm.. these look delicious. Perfect for barbecue season.

    At our home, we have an unique recipe where we marinate chicken pieces in turmeric, yoghurt, salt, black pepper, and a bit of olive oil. Throw that on the grill and it comes out incredibly delicious and soft.

    Throwing some sweet potatoes on the grill is a great idea to bring a bit of sweetness into your summer BBQ.