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In this post: Make the transition from fall and Thanksgiving to Christmas Holidays and all the way through January and February with these cozy neutral winter pillows!

As much as a LOVE to add bits of red and green and similar traditional colors of Christmas to our home, it can be a bit overwhelming. Especially since I spend my days working from home and am in the space 24/7. So, to keep some things a little more neutral and calm this year, I’ve used only cozy neutral winter pillows. 

12 cozy neutral winter pillows

Why Neutral Pillows?

The last few Christmases I’ve used all kinds of color and pattern. A lot of red, sometimes a little black check and some green. And that has carried over to our throw pillow selection. 

BUT after looking back at last year’s Christmas tour photos, I found it just a bit too much. Too much color. Too much pattern. 

So this year, when I was looking for Holiday throw pillow covers to use on our Ektorp couch and chairs, I decided to keep them all a lovely neutral cream color to go with the beige sectional cover (Ikea Nordvalla Beige).

How to Keep Neutral from Being Boring

I wrote a whole blog post about how to decorate with neutrals without being boring. And decorating with neutral throw pillows is pretty much the same as the overall idea of how to keep neutrals from erring on the boring side:

You need to use at least a few textures when decorating with neutrals. 

That’s it. Nothing too complicated. Just look for and use texture when decorating with neutral pillows. 

Great winter textures include:

  • velvet
  • cable knit
  • embroidered
  • linen
  • faux fur

Neutral Throw Pillows Make Decorating Easier

I have to confess – and if you’ve seen many of my photos, you know this already – changing throw pillow covers is one of my favorite ways to change or add little bits of color to our spaces. But for Holiday decorating I am really loving having the neutral pillows because when I take down and put away all the Christmas decor, I can just leave the cream pillows! 

Cozy neutral winter pillows transition all the way from Thanksgiving, through the Holidays and right into January and February! 

And there’s no extra work for you or me! 

Where to Find Cozy Neutral Winter Pillows and Throw Pillow Covers

To make this even easier – I love easy! – below are several of my favorite neutral throw pillow covers. Some we have ourselves this year, and some I have my eye on for when it’s time to get some new ones next time. I hope you find a few you love too!

Please note – most are just the throw pillow covers. But some may be the full pillow and the cover. 

12 Cozy Neutral Winter Pillows

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12 cozy neutral winter pillows

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Did you see any cozy neutral winter pillows you loved? 

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