Join us for our Country Living Christmas Home Tour! We’re sharing our rustic little house in the suburbs all dressed up for Christmas!

The ‘New’ Dining Room

This tour actually holds a bit of a surprise for those of you that are here regularly because WE SWAPPED OUR LIVING AND DINING ROOMS!

living room dining room switch

It started because we needed a space to put up a second tree for the kids. I decorated the neutral and black tree. The pretty, just-for-looking-at tree.

neutral and black christmas tree

But the kids really wanted to keep the tradition of decorating a family tree too. Which I’m perfectly happy with because it’s TRADITION and we have a couple of Christmas trees in the crawlspace and extra ornaments from changing themes and collecting them over the years.

The issue was that we couldn’t find anywhere to make another tree fit. There was just so much wasted space with the previous layout.

So Dean and I started to rearrange the furniture and one thing led to another and now we have a much large and more spacious dining room, which I love.

Living room turned dining room

grey dining room hutch

farmhouse christmas dining room

piano and rustic barn door

The ‘New’ Living Room

And I am thoroughly enjoying our uber cozy main floor living room.

dining room turned living room

That’s the tree the kids will be decorating. We just haven’t gotten to it yet. 🙂

chalkboard tv fireplace wall

DIY Christmas Crate by the Fireplace

black stocking hung on white fireplace

Also if you read our first tour post, you know that I was having a hard time getting into the Christmas mood this year.

Typically this is not an issue for me. Usually I’m in the Christmas mood 365 days a year! (No joke!)

Home Made Lovely Living Room Christmas 2015

aka design living room

Modify Ink Happy Holidays Print Home Made Lovely

But for whatever reason I just wasn’t “feeling it”. And in that last tour post I encouraged you, that if you weren’t feeling it either, to focus on the true reason for the season. To collect your thoughts and feelings and realign your focus.

These home tours can be a fabulous place to be inspired and to see the creativity and beauty that abounds in our world.

vintage industrial shelves styled for Christmas

But they can also be a place that some of you/me/us can feel completely inadequate. Like we aren’t enough. That we don’t have enough.

To be honest part of my feelings about the Holidays this year were brought on by guilt. I was feeling guilty that Dean and I and our family have a nice house, with pretty things. Things that were most certainly only a dream a few years ago.

rustic christmas centerpiece and mantel

But when I was sharing this with a friend, she said that that was just wrong. That where God has brought us, what He has done in our lives over the last few years through this blog can serve as a reminder that GOD DOES GREAT AND SMALL THINGS even now.

He fulfilled my dreams of a beautiful house and brought to pass so many of the projects that Dean and I only day-dreamed about way back in our very first house. He grew Home Made Lovely in us through you our readers, our hard work and by opening so many doors. He put the creativity in us and shone a light on it in a tiny little run-down house long after he brought Dean and I together.

And, as my friend reminded me, if He can (and did) do that for us – He can most certainly do it for you too.

So please don’t feel “less-than” while visiting all the beautiful Christmas Home Tours or by the perfect displays while you’re out shopping.

Please see the beauty. Be inspired.

Use what you have. Rearrange the furniture. Swap some rooms.

Look at your space in a new way and be creative.

white couch board and batten living room 1

Merry Christmas from Jackson too!

And most important of all – know that GOD loves you so much that He sent baby Jesus all those years ago for YOU!

And that’s really what Christmas is all about, right?

May you have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Country Living Christmas Home Tour Source List

Entryway Sources:

  • Squirrel pillow – Ikea
  • Black Arrow – Homesense
  • Light fixture – Home Depot

Master Bedroom Sources:

DIY Projects:

Dining Room Sources:

  • Silver Galvanized Metal Chairs – Home Depot
  • Side chairs – Ikea
  • Laminate Flooring – Lumber Liquidators
  • Painted hutch (painted with regular latex paint!)
  • Buffet, Habitat for Humanity Restore
  • Large Frames, Michaels
  • Napkins, Tins, Old World Santas – World Market
  • White plates – Wayfair
  • Utensils – Wayfair
  • Tiered Ornament Tray, Canadian Tire
  • Red Bug pillow cover – Craftberry Bush
  • Rustic Chargers, Chapters/Indigo

Living Room Sources:

  • Couches – unknown, bought them second hand
  • Trellis rug – RugsUSA
  • Coffee Table – DIY, tutorial here
  • Wood and Metal Shelves – DIY, tutorial here
  • Floors – Lumber Liquidators, reveal here
  • Wall color – Sherwin Williams Analytical Gray
  • Curtains – Ikea
  • Electric Fireplace – Canadian Tire
  • Floor lighting – Ikea
  • Buck throw pillow â€“ Craftberry Bush
  • Numbered pillows – Homesense (no longer available)
  • Happy Holidays art – Modify Ink

Our Paint Colors can be found here. 

shannon sign off

home made lovely book on table with get it now text button

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  1. Love your Christmas house! And thank you for the reminder of this wonderous holiday season.

    Btw, where did you get those stockings??? Love!!!

  2. It is always an inspiration to see what you put together each season in your home Shannon. I love that you switched the two room! And thank you for your beautiful words about how we should all feel when reading these home tours and decorating our homes.

  3. I thought something looked different! Your home looks very pretty and so nicely decorated for Christmas. You are so right about seeking inspiration and having a good attitude while following these home tour trails. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the pretty things and what appears to be perfect lighting etc. When that happens I remind myself to be thankful for what we have. I also pin all the tours so throughout the year, when I am less busy and looking for ideas, I can revisit them for inspiration and make plans (for example make a note to look for a large clear vase at a thrift store.) Thanks for sharing another lovely tour.

  4. I’ve been following you on Instagram, and I have fallen in love with your style! I just now visited your blog, and I now love your heart as well! Thank you not only for your home decor inspiration, but for your wise words and sweet heart!

  5. One of best Christmas displays on the net. Love your stockings and the 3 tiered wooden tray on dining table. Would you mind sharing your sources for both of these items. many thanks

  6. So absolutely perfect, Shannon! I love all of the rearranging you’ve done. I thought I loved it before but I love this new setup even more. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. As always your home is beautiful!! I love the swap! And as always, you are a class act, lovely words for all of us to remember. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Merry Christmas.

  8. Shannon! I’m just now getting the chance to take your home tour…With the craziness of the holidays, I wasn’t able to get around to it sooner! I’m so glad I got the chance to sit down and really look at all of the gorgeous details in your home! I’ve studied and pinned so many of your images. You are such a talented photo stylist and photographer, and I just adore this tour! I’m so glad I got the chance to be in a home tour together, and I hope you enjoyed the holidays with your family! xo -April

    1. Thank you! The coffee table was built by us and the electric fireplace was purchased at Canadian Tire.

  9. Hello,

    What color paint did you use for your entry way? That is the exact shade I am looking for. I love your entry way. I had a vision something like that and its perfect.

    1. Part of the entryway is Fusion Mineral Paint in Champlain, part is Sherwin Williams Bungalow Beige (the part by the door was painted that color when we moved in).

  10. Hi, thank you for sharing your beautiful home! Do you happen to know the brand or name of your entry light fixture from Home Depot? I have been looking for what seems like forever for a mudroom light and just love this one. Thanks for any info you may have.

    1. Oh dear, Donna. I’m not sure that I do. We only saw it there once or maybe twice. Sigh. I’m so sorry.

  11. Where did are your couches from? It appears they are different (the ones in the 2015 Christmas home tour) than the IKEA Ektorp ones.

    1. That’s true. The one’s in this tour were hand me downs from a friend that didn’t work in our space for our family when we switched the living room and dining room early in 2016.

  12. Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me where your chandelier is from that is hanging over the coffee table?! Thanks!


  13. Hello I need that Squirrel Pillow… Where did you get it! We just bought a cabin and the squirrels are taking over, my husband would think if funny if I started putting them in the cabin. : )
    Thank you,

  14. Hi! I love your grey entryway door, can you share the paint color with me!
    Beautiful home you have, thank you for sharing!

  15. Hi Shannon! Ok, it’s official…I’m absolutely in love with your designs!!! I would love to have you help me to design my home around your design style. It’s such a warm, homey style, but yet so extremely stylish at the same time!! What is the best place to start to transition my style into a similar one to yours? Help!!! I’ve just looked through all of the Christmas photos, and this really capped it off for me!! This is exactly what I have in mind. I love your style during the rest of the year, and the changes/additions for the holidays really makes it special! I’d appreciate any hints on how to transition from what I have to the style you share with us each week! Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Sheri. Thank you for the lovely comment. I don’t know your house or your style, but I’d start by decluttering. Remove all the stuff that doesn’t fit with what you’d like to have in your spaces going forward.

  16. Thank you Shannon for sharing your feelings about feeling guilty for what God has allowed you have. I too have felt the same way through out the process of bldg. our new home this year. I feel Embarrassed. I just don’t want people to feel less fortunate. I don’t talk about it unless someone ask and even then I just say it’s coming together. A sermon our pastor preached was on, “It’s not about what we have, but what we do with it”. I share my talents and gifts with the church family. I decorate of all occasions. Weddings, baby showers, all holidays and other special events. I love pretty things and I enjoy making others feel Special and Happy.
    Once a year, we do a Prayer Cottage in Jan. which 5 families host. We gather together each day in one of the 5 host homes for a week and pray for our country, president, our community, other churches etc. I’m one of the host and I can’t even express the Blessing I get out of this and to know my home has been bathed in prayer, WOW! I’m questioning myself weather to host this year because of the Guilt! We are Blessed! God blesses faithful,loving and hard workers. I know that God can use us to show others they too can have blessings if we give Him the Glory, Stay faithful, and give of our Time, Talents and Treasures. Have an Awesome Day!!! PS: I love your hook line “Hello Beautiful” It makes me feel special and start my day on a positive note. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Oh Donna. Continue to let God work in you. Don’t let the guilt control the things you do. Use your home and talents because you feel loved and want to share that, not because you feel guilty! xoxoxoxo

  17. wow, can I come to your house for Christmas next year? Seriously though you have a beautiful home and obviously go to a lot of effort at Christmas.

    1. What would you like to know? It’s a wood door that was at the house when we moved in. I painted the interior side with an aqua paint by Van Gogh and the exterior was a medium grey that our friends actually gave us. The decal was from etsy, but can now also be found on amazon. 🙂 Anything else?