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In this post: Make these simple cookie cutter Christmas ornaments in less than 10 minutes. Give them to your favorite baker or hang them on a kitchen tree!

🎵It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🎵It’s no secret I adore the Christmas Holidays. But I fully acknowledge that it can also be a crazy time of year – decorating, shopping, hosting. All while trying to remember the real reason for the season. Here are some very simple cookie-cutter Christmas ornaments that you can make with the kids on a cold winter’s day. Then you can hang them in the kitchen or wrap them up and give them with Christmas cookies to friends and neighbors. 

simple cookie cutter Christmas ornaments

They literally only take about 5 minutes each to make 10 minutes for the whole set. 

rocking horse cookie cutter ornament

Now that’s an easy craft!

Simple Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornaments

These cookie cutter ornaments would also be super cute hung from a mason jar full of dry cookie mix. 

cookie cutter ornaments



1. For each ornament, thread a 4″ length of baker’s twine through one jingle bell. Tie twine at top of one cookie cutter. Use a little hot glue to hold it in place (metal ornaments are a little slippery!).

2. Then create a loop for hanging by tying a knot again with excess twine.

3. Repeat for as many cookie cutter ornaments as you’d like.

Hang and enjoy!

tree cookie cutter ornament

More Christmas Ornaments

Of course, if you liked these, or need a different idea, here are a few more of our DIY make your own Christmas ornaments:

Have you made any ornaments this Christmas? Did you make ornaments as a kid? Do you make them with your own kids?

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