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In this post: Christmas tree collars are the perfect finishing touch and add a neat and tidy twist of decor to the base of your tree. Plus they’re readily available and easy to set up!

Maybe you noticed in our recent Instagram shares, maybe you didn’t. But we swapped out our beloved fur-trimmed Christmas tree skirt for a white metal Christmas tree collar this year. I’ll tell you why below, and where to find 15 fabulous Christmas tree collars you just might want to try in your own decor this year!

Finally decorate your own home – with confidence!

You’re so much closer to a beautifully-decorated home than you think. You just need a little help to get there!

What is a Christmas Tree Collar?

A Christmas tree collar is just a fancy cover for your Christmas tree stand.

Tree collars became a thing a few years ago when people were cutting out the bottom of galvanized buckets and building crate bases to hide their ugly tree stands. 

Retailers picked up the trend a couple of years later and started selling collars. 

Types of Christmas Tree Collars

  • Round – great for using with the same sized artificial tree that gets used year after year. 
  • Square  – most commonly used in farmhouse-style decor
  • Hinged – much easier than solid collars, these can be put together around the tree base after the tree is up
  • Paneled – disassembled and lays flat for easy storage


  • Plastic – lightweight and affordable, but prone to fading and breakage over time
  • Metal – super durable and comes in all sorts of colors and finishes
  • Wicker or woven – a great look with lots of texture, but easy to break
  • Fabric – sort of like lamp shades, fabric collars often assemble with velcro
  • Wood – generally used for square collars like the crate style collars, these collars are heavier and more expensive

What to Look For When Shopping for a Christmas Tree Collar


Make sure the tree collar you choose will work with the base of your tree stand. The opening dimensions in the collar needs to be big enough for your base to fit in and sit firmly on the ground at all points. 


Not quite the same as size, you want to make sure that your tree collar looks balanced compared to your tree. Choosing a collar that’s about as wide as your tree is at its center point is the best option. 

Color and Finish

Choose a collar that complements your existing or soon-to-be-purchased ornaments. And choose a finish that goes with the look and feel you’re going for. 

For example, if you have a glam tree with lots of gold and baubles on it, you won’t want a wooden crate or wicker-type tree collar. 

Easy to assemble

If you choose a tree collar that comes apart, you want to be sure it’s not difficult to put together. 


You want your tree collar to last for years to come, so be sure that it’s built to take the abuse of presents being shoved around next to it and any assembly, disassembly and storage. 

Consider Storage

If you’re short on storage space, you will love a Christmas tree collar that comes apart and is more easily stored that a solid collar. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing and shopping for your tree collar.

Christmas tree collar FAQ

Why choose a Christmas tree collar instead of a skirt?

If you’re not a fan of Christmas tree skirts you may want to choose a collar instead. They tend to stay in place much better, keep presents from getting lost and keep pets away from the base of the tree. 

How do you care for a Christmas tree collar?

Wood, wicker, and metal collars can be wiped clean with a damp cloth at the end of the season. Fabric collars can be spot cleaned.

How much you can expect to spend on a Christmas tree collar?

Tree collars vary in price depending on materials, size, and the retailer you buy them from. You can expect to spend anywhere from $20-100+.

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Why We Used a Tree Collar Instead of a Skirt This Year

In years past, I was perfectly content to use our velvety fur-trimmed Christmas tree skirt. It fit most of our decor schemes, it was pretty, and we already had it on hand. 

This year, I decided to try a tree collar instead mainly because of how neat and tidy they look. 


I mean, you know how it is with Christmas tree skirts. They get shifted and bunched up and moved around. Especially if you have kids or pets like we do (although our kids are teenagers, the dog still thinks the tree skirt is for him to root around in and make a bed for himself despite the plethora of other options he has in the living room). Leaving a messy, bunched-up mess that needs re-adjusting several times during the Holiday season. 

Plus, I’ve always found that tree skirts leave the base of a faux tree looking a little naked and that the presents tend to get shoved way underneath the tree at odd angles. 

I just loved the idea of the tree collar keeping things:

  1. covered
  2. neat and tidy
  3. organized

So, this year we thought we’d try it out. 

And so far, I’m LOVING it! 

Where to Find 10 Beautiful Christmas Tree Collars for Any Style

We picked our Christmas tree collar up at Lowe’s with a gift card. But here are several other options you could try too!

15 Christmas Tree Collars You'll Love This Year!

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Did you see any tree collars you’d love this year?

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