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Chevron Wall Art with Weatherwood Stains

chevron wall art with weatherwood stains

So the other day on our Easy Painted Sign post I mentioned a new line of ready-to-decorate crafts that I found at Michaels.

Genius I tell you.


Today’s project uses chevron wood pieces from that brilliant Michaels line plus some fabulous stain called Weatherwood Stains developed by my friend Becca.

weatherwood stains and chevrons

Weatherwood Stain is used to create an weathered look for most wood species. Rather than staining wood, Weatherwood Stain’s color, Reclamation, oxidizes wood’s surface, as nature would. Now you can obtain the look of barnwood or drift wood in only minutes.

When I was first applying the stain it just made the wood look damp…

applying weatherwood stain

But then it dried to these GLORIOUS shades of aged taupe-gray!

chevron wall art

 Just look at all the wood grain detail that the stain brings out!

chevron wall art 2

Make Your Own Chevron Wall Art




1. After purchasing or creating your own chevrons, apply Weatherwood Stains (or other stain if desired) generously and let dry thoroughly.

applying weatherwood stain

2. Follow instructions on 3M Command Strips and hang chevrons on the wall.

chevron wall art with weatherwood stains

That’s it! Fun wall art that’s easy too!

Have you any fun easy wall art ideas? Do share!

Becca sent me a sample of Weatherwood Stains to try out. All thoughts are my own.

I'd love it if you'd share:

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  1. Becca says


    I’m so sorry it took me s long to come and say thank you. We are moving from Utah to Texas and are moving both our manufacturing and our home. It is crazy town over here! But I am so very grateful. Thank you for so, so much for just giving the product a try and sharing your experience with it. I know how valuable your time and your blogging are! Thanks for the support of my little business!! You’re such an amazing friend.



    • Isabel says

      Hi Shannon/Becca,

      Is the product available in Canada? or does the company ship to Canada? I’d love to try this stuff!


  2. Kimberly says

    Fabulous! The cement looking accent wall in the other room – do you have a blog post link or tutorial?

    I’m crushing on your blog! Found you via Ana White.


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