In this post: Never run out of things to talk about this fall! These free printable Chalkboard Thankful Conversation Starters are the perfect thing to add to your fall entertaining must-haves!

The other day I shared a fall tablescape that included lots of candles, log slices and seeded eucalyptus as the centerpiece/runner. It also included some chalkboard thankful conversation starters, which I promised I’d share with you this week as free printables. 

Ta-da! I’m doing that as promised!

free printable conversation starters on table setting for fall

How to Use the Chalkboard Thankful Conversation Starters

  1. Simply download and print the conversation starters (instructions below) and place one at each place setting, either beside or on top of the plates. 
  2. Then once the food is dished out, go around the table answering one question at at time. If you’re the host, go first to ease your guests into it. So, you would answer question one, then the person beside you would answer the same question and then the person beside them and so on. When it gets back to you, you answer question two, etc. 
  3. If you know you have “talkers” that will go on for awhile, try setting a time limit for answering each question. Maybe 1-2 minutes each depending on how many guests you have at the table.

These printables would work well for a casual cocktail party or potluck without a sit down portion to the meal too. In that case, print a stack of Q&A’s and have each guest grab one. Then as they move about the room they can ask each other specific questions about what they’re thankful for. This keeps the conversation going and positive at the same time! 

How to Set This Casual Table

The full table details can be found here. But the gist of setting this table is:

  1. Clean off the table. Wipe it down. Don’t forget the cracks and those oh-so-sneaky crumbs!
  2. Lay out a length of Kraft paper. I found mine at Michaels, but you can try Amazon too.
  3. Scatter two or three large log slices down the Kraft paper. Add a couple of coaster size log slices here and there too. (My small log slices are actual coasters flipped upside down!)
  4. Now start adding candles – pillars, hurricanes, tapers, votives, etc. Keep them all white for cohesion.
  5. Then carefully place seeded eucalyptus branches/sprigs around and between the candles. Be cautious so they aren’t too near to any flames when you light the candles. I think I prefer to place all the eucalyptus sort of going in the same direction, which I didn’t do here. So, you choose which you like better, random or inline.
  6. Place simple placemats underneath plain white dishes.
  7. Add some utensils, cheap water goblets (psst, mine are from the dollar store!) and of course food!

How to Print the Conversation Starters

The conversation starters are provided two to a page, so just cut them in half after printing using scissors or a paper cutter! Voila! Easy-peasy! 

How do your fall dinners go? Think these chalkboard thankful conversation starters will be fun to try?

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  1. Such an amazing idea! I never thought of this before but it really a good idea to start out conversations when everyone struggle to say something (if the company of others is new). I love the design too, thanks for sharing them!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it helps with new people and even with family that hasn’t visited for awhile too. Or if family is struggling with some things, this helps keep the conversation positive too!