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In this post: Crafting is one of those things you can do to slow down & enjoy Christmas. Crafts need not be complicated, like these Chalkboard Christmas Ball Ornaments.

Christmas time is my favorite time of year. I love the twinkle lights and magic of it all. I adore the fact that the songs being played everywhere are about the birth of Jesus. But it can be easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of the season, too busy to slow down and enjoy all the joy that Christmas brings with it. Crafting is one of those slower-paced, deliberate things you can do to slow down. You can craft on your own, with friends or with your kids. But the crafts need not be complicated. They can be simple, like these easy Chalkboard Christmas Ball Ornaments

Chalkboard Christmas Ball Ornaments

Chalkboard Christmas Ball Ornaments

Making these chalkboard Christmas ball ornaments only takes a few minutes each and then they’re ready to hang and enjoy. 

And you only need 2-3 things to make these easy personalized ornaments.



To make Chalkboard Christmas Ball Ornaments, simply write one name on each matte black Christmas ball ornament with a white permanent marker. If you can’t find already black ornaments, paint your own with chalkboard paint before adding names with chalkboard markers!

Your handwriting can be as fancy or as plain as you like. You can add little stars or dots to mimic snow. Or little swirls and curlicues to make your ornaments fancier. 

Seriously, this is one of the most simple, personalized Christmas ornaments you can make. Plus, they can add drama and help ground your Christmas tree decor because they’re black! We’ve used ours for a few years already with both a traditional red and green Christmas scheme and also a more neutral cream and black color scheme too!

Chalkboard Christmas Ball Ornaments

More Christmas Ornaments

Of course, if you liked these, or need a different idea, here are a few more of our DIY make your own Christmas ornaments:

What are some of your favorite holiday crafts and personalized ornament ideas? Have you hand-lettered any Christmas ornaments before?

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    1. Yes! The slowing down is great. I do wish for a clean up fairy after to help with the mess though! Lol.

  1. These are darling, Shannon! I love the contrast of black ornaments in Christmas trees – I can see myself leaving them plain in the tree as well!
    Thank you for arranging this hop – the collection of crafts are amazing!

    1. Yes! They could be left plain too. Ours actually turn around sometimes when someone bumps the tree. lol.

  2. Such a creative way to personalize ornaments, Shannon. I truly love this idea! And the use of black chalkboard paint adds a nice, modern touch.

  3. So simple, yet so elegant. Then there is me and my crazy stocking project, thank goodness no one heard my cursing as I redid 3 of the stockings!

  4. I love the drama this craft adds to your Christmas tree, what a lovely personalized touch too! They would make amazing gifts! Thank you so much for organizing this craft hop, I’m so looking forward to visiting with everyone!

  5. Really enjoying your range of crafts. Planning to use 3” hoops to do the snowflake secs. Then using burlap with initials as gift tags. Thank you. X