Black and White Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration

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In this post: We’re making a little bit of decorating progress at the new house. Plus we’re sharing some black and white farmhouse bedroom inspiration too.

It’s not at all a secret that I love neutral decor in my house. Black, white, grey, mushroom, and all their various tints and shades. Since moving to this house, we’ve been working to create a grand and elegant, yet cozy and welcoming feel using that color palette for the whole house. We have a ways to go since every room was painted a different color before we owned the house, which is totally okay because it was the previous owner’s style – it’s just not ours. We’ve made some progress in the living and dining rooms:

rustic feminine faux floral crate

open concept living room and kitchen

And I was thinking the master bedroom would be a quick project that would only require a little paint.

So imagine my shock and utter disappointment when I spent an entire Saturday painting the master bedroom a color I was sure was a medium khaki grey (SW Spalding Grey) – only to have it dry looking like a shade of plum once it was on the walls!

Womp. Womp.

To be fair, Spalding Grey does actually have some purplish undertones which just ended up really amplified by the creamy wainscoting and trim already in the room.

Anyway. Back to the drawing board for our room.

So what am I thinking for our master bedroom now?

Black and White Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration

There are a few black and white farmhouse bedrooms that I adore. The first is that of my friend Liz…

Love Grows Wild

And then (of course) a couple of Joanna’s (Fixer Upper/Magnolia)…

Magnolia – Fixer Upper Cargo Ship House

Magnolia B&B via Two Peas and Their Pod

Basically, black, white and neutral all over.

Here’s a bit of a style board for a visual.

Black and White Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration Style Board

(Yes, we have a TV in our room. Reality, folks. Dean has to get up earlier than I do so sometimes I’m not ready to go to sleep when he is. So I watch TV in bed, while he sleeps. It’s also really awesome if I’m ever sick to be able to watch TV in bed away from the noise of three kids.)

We already have the bed, rug, art, window coverings (black out blinds AND curtains – ’cause I’m totally a princess and need to sleep in the dark!) and lamps. I just have to figure out a paint color for the upper part of the walls, so I don’t have to paint the wainscoting, trim and ceiling (at least not right away) that are all currently the same color of off-white/cream.

The other issue is that our nightstands and dressers are perfectly functional – but not what I want. They made perfect sense in our last house because our room was on the small side. And when we went to buy them a few years ago, Ikea was out of the plain white Hemnes and only had the “gray” – which is actually rather on the purple side (another reason the Spalding Gray is looking extra purple). Another lesson in patience…I totally should have waited for the white to be back in stock. But we’d rented a Uhaul and made the trip, so I panicked and just bought the grey.

But all is not lost. Apparently I can sand them down and repaint/stain them! So I may try that in the meantime while I’m waiting for the budget to recuperate from buying a new house.

With all the renovations we’re doing on the main floor – coffered ceiling in the dining room, panel moulding in the entry/dining/hall/stairwell and a kitchen reno coming up in April/May – the Master bedroom has to take a backseat for a little while.

A girl can dream though, right?

Black and White Farmhouse Bedroom Resources:

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Metal Headboard and Footboard

Good Morning, Handsome Framed Art

Good Morning, Beautiful Framed Art

Table Lamps

Bachelor’s Chest (Nightstands)

Starflower Distressed Rug

Distressed Black Dresser

Tufted Linen Bench

White Pintuck Duvet Cover

Curtain Panels

Ruffled Linen Bed Scarf

What do you think of our bedroom decor plan? Is your master bedroom decorated? Or has it fallen to the bottom of ‘the list’?

shannon sign off

home made lovely book on table with get it now text button

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    1. Yeah. I hear you. Ours is sort of a gun metal finish. I think I’ll haul it outside and paint it this summer. Who am I kidding? I’ll have Dean haul it outside and then I’ll paint it! 😉

  1. I think to offset the cream you are going to have to go with a color that has more beige undertones than blue undertones. I like SW Greige but it may be a little darker than what you are looking for. I once repainted our bedroom three times. Yes, three.
    I finally finished our master bedroom and revealed it right before Christmas. I need to go back and photograph it without the Christmas stuff. I too love a a TV in the bedroom. With a house full of boys, I have to have somewhere to watch Victoria and Poldarck in peace. 🙂


    1. Yup. I know exactly what is throwing it off – the Ikea Hemnes furniture. It’s not a neutral gray, it’s very purple. 🙁

  2. I think IKEA’s Hemnes products are so hot right now that I would just sell them on Craigslist and go get what you really want. Save your time and energy for something more important to you.

  3. Ours is a work in progress. Can’t decide on a bed. Bought new furniture – all a bit different. Want a charcoal upholstered bed but thE price quoted me by a local home decor store was $2600 plus tax. Even looked at beds online too. For known stores and brands they are just as expensive. And then there are some at ridiculously low prices so I question quality. I can’t pull the trigger. Afraid I will tire of it or it will trend out. So am frozen and I don’t do anything. Ugh.

    For your nightstands instead of sanding first, try using chalk paint. I like the ones you have on your inspiration board.

    Good luck!!

  4. I know it’s hard to tell in pictures but from here I am liking that color. I know I have ran into this dilemma before but changing out the linens and getting the artwork on the wall sure made a difference in the overall appearance of the color. I too have a TV in my bedroom and can’t imagine not. If I’m sick I too like to watch it while in bed or if my husband and I want to watch something different one of us goes in the bedroom. My master is painted and new linens (for over a year now) with nothing on the walls, I need to get busy but it seems like it just keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the to do list.

    1. Oh it sounds like you have a great base already in place! Sometimes that’s totally fine to live with for awhile. 🙂

  5. I actually like the color. I think you can make it work. I’d paint those side night tables black. You can do a black,white, khaki (like the color of a brown paper bag) color scheme.

  6. So sorry the paint didn’t work out! Even though it is dark I do like the color. I did the same thing with my craft room a while ago and it ended up being very dark and purple-y lol. Still haven’t changed it but one day. Love the black and white theme!

    1. Unfortunately the color is much more purple in real life. Anyway. It will get changed out later. Too many other projects on the go on the main floor and kids’ rooms!

  7. I think your plans for your bedroom sound great. I applaud you for your patience, sometimes it’s hard to wait til you can get it right. My poor bedroom is in dire need of updating. We plan to paint the walls a soft .peach tone and add cream molding. Also new pattern drapes. I can’t replace the carpeting for awhile yet but I’d sure love too. It is a beige/brown tone so I think the peach will lighten up the room. Good luck with your plans and thanks for all the advice.

    1. Patience. Sigh. I’m the worst at that. But I’m even worse at living with something I don’t like. Good luck with YOUR bedroom!

  8. I love neutral style as well and find it hard to choose a paint as I’m terrible at committing to a color! I’m sure you will work your magic to make your “purple” walls just how you like them 🙂 I love your framed b/w family photo wall! Sadly, I still have some frames on the wall that still need photos in them. Thanks for sharing the Love Wild Grows bedroom photo…it’s gorgeous and I’ll have to check her out as well! Looking forward to more pictures of your beautiful home 🙂

    1. Yeah, that happens with frames. We’re planning a bit of an informal gallery wall of family photos on Ikea ledges. I need to make sure I put pics in and not just the empty frames!