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In this post: Are you new to Bible journaling? Don’t know what you need to get started? Here is the ultimate guide for beginners, filled with essential Bible journaling supplies. 

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Bible journaling can be a fun and creative way to read and study the Bible. But sometimes we overcomplicate it. This post is filled with all the Bible journaling supplies you need! 

Bible Journaling Supplies

Super Basic Bible Journaling Supplies

To get started with Bible journaling, you need just two basic supplies:

  • a journaling Bible (alternatively you could use a notebook and regular Bible)
  • no-bleed pen

Of course as you get more practice, you can add other embellishments to your Bible journaling supplies too, which we’ll talk about below. 

My 3 Favorite Must-Have Bible Journaling Supplies

1. The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

First, you’ll want to find the right bible to begin your journaling. One that has a side margin for art on each page is ideal, especially for beginners.

I personally use the Black cover version of the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible.

But there are other covers available, if you’re feeling more adventurous:

There are also journaling bibles with entire blank pages for doodling and creating. (But most beginners find this to be too much blank space.)

You can even find journaling Bibles with illustrations inside all ready to color!

illustrated journaling bible

2. Pens

You will need a pen in order to create your bible journaling art. You can actually start with a simple blue or black ink pen, only branching out to other colors when you feel ready.

I use and love Pigma Microns in various sizes and colors.

See below for more ink pens that you can use for Bible journaling.

3. Bible Tabs

Although not necessary, I LOVE to have pretty Bible tabs to label each of the books of the Bible. 

bible tabs

Here are a few styles of Bible tabs for you to get creative with:

The Best Pens for Bible Journaling

Like I mentioned, I personally love and use the Pigma Micron pens. They come in several colors and thicknesses and they don’t bleed through thinner Bible paper. 

But of course they’re not the only pens out there for Bible Journaling. You can also use any of these:

Note: Regular Sharpies will bleed through paper. Make sure you choose no-bleed pens! 

How to Choose Items That Won’t Bleed Through: The trick to choosing pens and other embellishments like ink pads that won’t bleed through fine pages, is to buy archival ink pens or those expressly marked as no-bleed

Other Bible Journaling Embellishments

Once you’re comfortable drawing, writing and doodling in your Bible, you can of course branch out to other Bible journaling mediums too! 

Try using:

1. Watercolor pencils

Watercolor pencils are a lovely way to add color to your Bible journaling. You can draw simple flowers or shapes and then lightly add a sweep of water to finish the watercolor look. 

Tip: When using watercolors in your Bible journal, place another sheet of paper between the page you’re working on and the page beneath to protect it from water. 

2. Colored pencils

Colored pencils can also be used to add a splash of lovely color to your Bible journal pages. Draw crosses, characters, flowers or anything your mind thinks of while reading Bible passages. 

3. Multi-colored Bible highlighters

Multi-colored Bible highlighters are designed to not bleed through thin Bible pages. They’re almost more like crayons in texture than highlighter, but with the vibrance of a highlighter. Multiple colors allow you to draw attention and remembrance to different types of scripture, or different verses you’d like to focus on. 

4. India ink pens

India ink pens are fun because, often, they have brushes instead of nibs or tips. These brushes can add swashes and embellishments unlike regular pens. 


5. Gelatos Pastels

Use Gelatos to watercolor, stamp, mix with mediums, create a mist with water, stamp, use with stencils, layer, combine to create new colors and highlight in journals.

6. Stickers

There are SO many options for Bible journaling stickers! 

planner faith stickers

7. Ink Pad and Stamps

Ink pads and stamps, like alphabet stamps, can add another fun layer and dimension to your Bible journal. 

8. Washi Tape

You can use washi tape to mark pages, or verses. you can use it as a base for stamps, stickers or handwriting. And there are so many designs to choose from!

9. Date Stamp

A date stamp is the perfect thing to add your Bible journaling arsenal. With it you can record dates of key verses, or life events or even just stamp the date in as you study!

10. Paper Tags

Paper tags can be used to add journaling space to your notes if you tape only one side down! Plus there are so many shapes and sizes which will add oodles of character to your Bible journaling pages. 

All-in-One Bible Journaling Kits

Of course, if you’re unsure of what to choose – or you just can’t make up your mind – you could always just buy a Bible journaling kit like the ones below:

1. Faber-Castell Bible Journaling Kit

Faber-Castell Bible Journaling Kit

2. Dayspring Created to Create Bible Journaling Kit

Illustrated Faith BIble Journaling Kit

3. Dayspring Basic Bible Journaling Kit

Dayspring Basics Bible Journaling Kit

4. Zebra Pen Journaling Set

zebra pen journaling set

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, learn how to Bible journal in our handy beginner guide.

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More Faith-Building and Bible Verses

Have you begun Bible journaling yet? What are your favorite supplies to use?

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