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In this post: Linen dining chairs – or at the very least upholstered to look like linen – are one of my very favorite design elements for a cozy and beautiful dining room. Here are 12 of the best linen dining chairs I could find!

One of my design crushes is linen and linen-look accent and dining chairs. So, just for fun – and hopefully to help you out if you’re looking for new dining room chairs – I’ve rounded up my favorites here!

Linen Chairs

1st Row, Left to Right: Birch Lane Button Tufted Upholstered Dining Chair | Busch Dining Chair | Varnado Vintage French Dining Chair 

2nd Row, Left to Right: Vasques Vintage French Dining Chair | Upholstered Dining Chair | Hainsworth Slipcovered Dining Chair 

3rd Row, Left to Right: Bernadine Upholstered Dining Chair | Cheyenne Upholstered Dining Chair | Corsica Upholstered Dining Chair 

4th Row, Left to Right: Marcel Upholstered Dining Chair | Hobart Danae Upholstered Dining Chair | Maria Upholstered Dining Chair

Whether you’re looking for upholstered dining chairs to fit into farmhouse style or french country style, there are plenty of options to choose from! And, while I wouldn’t recommend upholstered chairs if you have very young kids, if you’re concerned about some spills and stains I highly recommend spraying your chairs with scotchgard. (We recently added button tufted, linen-looking chairs to our dining room, which you can see in this post. Covered in Scotch Guard, of course!)

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Which style of linen chair is your favorite? 

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  1. Mmm…linen dining chairs. Chair one has such a unique look, but if I was choosing chairs for our dining room,I’d have to go with number three. Her curves are voluptuous 🙂

  2. I like all of them. Each one has a wonderful presence…however….my worry is space. Wings feel to me that they take up more space….so the chair needs more area to move around. Folks might read this and laugh….I hope not….but wing chairs are big in the traditional South. So I speak from my own experience. Also…I’m 5 feet tall and always felt like the wings were in My face.. Lol. That’s my two cents. ….you can keep the change. Lol.

  3. Hi! I love them all but do you happen to know where #4 is from? They’d be great in our new dining room – Thank you so much!