Our Bungalow Before & After: Kitchen {2009 & 2011}

We’ve lived in this house for just about two years. Living here now, we sometimes forget how much our bungalow has changed in that time. So we thought it would be fun to do a little series of before and afters of some of the room that have changed the most. The first before and after we shared last week was the dining room and today I’m going to share some kitchen before and afters.

Whenever we look at kitchen remodels online there are stories of people who refinish or repaint their kitchen cabinets to keep the costs down. Unfortunately we didn’t have that option as it would seem we had original hand-made odd-sized wood cabinets and doors. Ugly, dysfunctional and falling apart. And run of counter top in the photo below was the ONLY counter top in the kitchen!

So we ripped it ALL out and repaired the rotted-through wood sub floors. We put in new Home Depot stock cupboards customized with crown molding and light rails. We also installed classic subway tiles, beadboard ceiling and fun artwork. We went with white appliances because they were easier to find on kijiji (yes we bought our appliances almost brand new on kijiji!) and in such a small space it made more visual sense. I would have loved to put in a farmhouse sink too but it just wasn’t in the budget. And one day I still hope to put in a a goose neck faucet and a drinking water tap.

There was a nasty apartment sized stove and faux (wallpaper) tile backsplash. And of course there’s that snot-yellow door and trim in the background. Ugh.

We moved the stove to the other side of the room (better work triangle) and put the dishwasher directly beside the sink. Duh! I’m still trying to convince Dean to take down this set of upper cabinets to install subway tiles to the ceiling and some floating shelves for gorgeous open storage. Not quite there yet. 🙂

Who installed that dishwasher? Yes, those are pipes sticking up from the floor. Just plain weird, no?

Those pipes got put to good use for the washer. Way better use of the space! In case you’re wondering we have no basement and the bathroom is tiny, so the kitchen is literally the only place to have a washer and dryer in our bungalow. It just happens to be very convenient too! And I love our big chalkboard!

Fridge. Gap. Dishwasher. Um, can anyone say “waste of space”?.

We decided to shift the fridge and make an L-shaped drinks counter between the washer/dryer and the fridge.

And this lovely scene – oh my! The old-school washer/dryer was housed in a hole in the wall…see the hot watertank in behind it. Yeah, pretty sight.

We closed in the hot water tank (with proper venting of course), moved the stove here and installed an over the range microwave to free up counter space.

The long and short of the reno is that we got rid of a stinky, rotten kitchen and replaced it with a clean, bright space packed with function and storage. That pretty much wraps up our galley-esque kitchen before and after. What do you think? You like? Improvement much?

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  1. Wow, the house looks fantastic Shan………sorry, and Dean! You have really found your true passion and gift. Congrats!

  2. Do you mind sharing your flooring and countertop specifics (after). I’m looking at doing a painting the cabinets/replace countertops spruceup in the spring. Your countertops look great.


    1. Both are Home Depot. The countertop is Lamitech 3034-SP GRANITE CHOCOLATE Splendor. I can’t find the tile box but it is just a stick on vinyl tile – we didn’t want to add weight to the floor…long story. Hope that helps!

  3. Love your kitchen! I have to say that I’m a big fan of all white. We currently have stainless appliances b/c that was what the previous owners put in, but they are getting SO scratched by my kids! Can’t wait ’til we can afford to do our kitchen over…

    1. Every once in awhile I wish we had stainless…but I really like how the monochromatic white keeps the space from feeling its true size of 7.5’x14′. Have patience girl…it’ll come!

  4. You did a great job, congratulations! Your kitchen is absolutely transformed. Really liked laundry area its beautiful and functional

  5. love this kitchen. you sure have been working hard.
    Thanks again for linking up and good luck!