Bathroom Makeover – Bath Tub Consultation with Ugly Before Pics and a Plan

Dean and I are finally giving our one bathroom a full makeover. We’ve already discussed our plans and shared a style board. In this post we’re talking about our plans for making over our tub and shower. This post is brought to you by Bath Fitter.

So the other day when I posted about our bathroom makeover plans, I shared our embarrassing bathroom floor pics with you. Today I’m sharing our rather ugly, never-before-shown-on-the-blog 1970s green bathtub.

Are you ready for it? (I’m not sure I’m ready, but here goes anyway…)

bath faucet before 1

tub before

shower head before

bath faucet before

Now it’s important to note that this is our one and only bathroom. Eventually we plan to add at least a powder room, but right now this is it. Five of us use this space daily. And now that the kids are either teens or almost teens the shower gets more use than ever before. (We go through a lot of water around here.)

When talking about this bathroom reno Dean and I tossed around the idea of ripping it all out and replacing EVERYTHING. But the thought of all that mess just about sent me over the edge.

So we needed to find something that would be cost effective, quickly installed, low-mess, durable (all those teen showers) and beautiful. (Hello, cozy and beautiful is our motto.) What fit all those things in the end was Bath Fitter.

We scheduled a consult and a very nice gentleman from Bath Fitter named Gary came to discuss our options with us. We told Gary what and why we wanted to change our tub and surround and he went through all the options and the process Bath Fitter uses to ensure beautiful and long-lasting results.

Bath Fitter Gary

Bath Fitter Gary and Home Made Lovely Dean

Dean was super impressed with Bath Fitter’s policy of measure, make, install and the quality and thickness of the materials Bath Fitter uses. Gary took precise measurements and explained how the bathtub and surround will be custom made to ensure a perfect fit.

Bath Fitter Gary Measuring

Bath Fitter Gary Measuring 2

He brought samples and photos too. Of course I was taken by all that prettiness! Bath Fitter has all sorts of options including different tub styles, shower doors, even matching curtain rods. Plus they have several neutral (and sure to be stylish long-term) colors to choose from.
Dean and Shannon Consult with Gary

In the end Dean gave me the final say for how the design would look. I chose a simple white subway tile surround with plenty of corner shelves and a white bathtub because they won’t go out of style anytime soon (unlike our green bathtub!) and we went a little less traditional but still very elegant oil rubbed bronze fixtures. We chose a curved shower curtain to match too. (Matching fixtures makes me so giddy!)

Using the Design Your Own Bathtub section of the Bath Fitter website we mocked up what our choices will look like. Of course we’ll have more neutral walls, but the tub and fixtures will look good, won’t they?

Home Made Lovely Bath Fitter Mock Up

And that whole thing about quick and no mess? Bath Fitter installation takes a day or less and the installer cleans up after himself! (Can I get a hallelujah for that?!)

It’s actually a huge relief to have Bath Fitter coming in to do this big job for us. We’re DIYers at heart. But this really wasn’t something I wanted to tackle. And to have it done in one day? Phenomenal!

Here’s our current bathtub situation again, just to really drive home the ugly factor.

bath faucet before 1

shower head before

bath faucet before

I can hardly wait for the new tub and surround!

I’ll be back soon with an update (you can now see the new tub here!). In the mean time if you want to have Bath Fitter chat with you about an installation in your house, click here or call 1-888-677-2936 to schedule a consultation.

Have you tackled a bathroom makeover on your own or had Bath Fitter come out and do it for you?


This post is sponsored by Bath Fitter but all opinions are my own, as always. Thank you.

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