We so cannot believe that Crafting With The Stars is over! What a fun time! And a TONNE of work. But boy did we get some great projects done for the house! Thank you, Tam and to all of you who participated in the voting! 🙂 This was definitely an experience.

Finally decorate your own home – with confidence!

You’re so much closer to a beautifully-decorated home than you think. You just need a little help to get there!

For the fourth and final round we turned our attention to our son’s room…it was the one room in our house that hadn’t been featured on our blog…mainly because we hadn’t given it much attention in the (almost) two years we’ve lived in this house. After we emptied it for the makeover, this is what it looked like:

And this is what our hallway looked like:


Let’s get back to the room, shall we? Most parts of this makeover are pretty straightforward, so I have to apologize that there’s not too much of an actual tutorial. But I will give a run through for each part with all the details where possible.

The Walls
We painted with paint we had on hand that conveniently lent itself to the colour scheme we were going for. Yay for happy coincidences! The colours are Behr Antique White and Behr Stepping Stones. I first cut in with a Purdy brush and then filled in the rest. No taping necessary – easy-peasy!


The Bed
We turned the bed and centred it on the end wall to make it more like a day bed. Dean also raised the bed with some off-cut 4×4’s (screwed securely to the frame underneath) to make it high enough to leave room for the rolling train board. We covered an existing duvet with a new duvet cover from Ikea and added some pillows to plush up the space for lounging.


The Side Tables
We used pvc pipe and caps attached to some stained pine shelving pieces to “build-in” the bed. The size of the tables was cut to fill the space evenly on either side of the bed.


The large mounted train plaque came from Dean’s Mom and Dad, and the framed art is old public library materials (they removed it from their resources and gave it away). The heavy black metal hooks came from the dollar store (how cool are they?) and the lanterns are, of course, from Ikea. 🙂 I hand painted the Railroad Crossing Sign between the doors onto two scrap pieces of wood that I wood-glued together.


Rolling Train Board
Remember our dining room table makeover? Well the old table top found a new home as Jonah’s rolling train board (more upcycling). By attaching some casters to the bottom of each of the four corners, we can now roll his carefully planned and laid out trains and tracks out of the way at night! (Stepping on those things hurts almost as much as stepping on Lego. Come on, you know what I’m talking about – OUCH!)


Barn Doors
Now the bad news is I must tell you that Dean made the rails and hardware for the barn doors – and I can’t give you a tutorial on that. I’m sorry. He works in metal fabrication, so he made them on his own time at work.  If you do a google search for Barn Door Hardware you can find quite a few suppliers. BUT I can tell you that he made the barn doors from super cheap PLYWOOD and some leftover wood. Yup, plywood! He just cut each piece  to fit the height and width we wanted and added some large Z’s with scrap wood. I stained it with a couple of foam brushes (um, because the plywood sort of chewed up the foam – oops!) and some Minwax Dark Walnut stain.


We still have the rest of the room to finish: some more custom train artwork (I’m thinking an old fashioned chalkboard train schedule), some shelves for books, and a wall with maps and clocks. But even with only one side of the room finished, we have a really happy little boy!!

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  1. What a great room! I love the barn doors. They are so in style right now. You are lucky that your husband can make the tracks because they are really expensive. Thanks for sharing!