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In this post: Make your own quick antler embroider hoop art with some scrap fabric and a Sharpie!

Since I’ve been traveling lately I’ve not really created anything new. In fact, it felt a little odd to go through the process of getting out supplies, spreading them across the dining room table, creating, styling and photographing this little project. But I was happy to ‘break the ice” and get back to creating with this quick antler embroidery hoop art.

Quick Antler Embroidery Hoop Art

This little project was actually inspired by Tina who made similar hoop art and shared them on Instagram 🙂




1. Trace around the embroidery hoops onto fabric. Cut circles out just outside pencil lines.

Tracing Embroidery Hoops for Art

embroidery hoops

2. Take embroidery hoops apart. Place fabric over smaller circle. Place larger circle (the one with the screw adjustment) over the fabric and press down. Tighten the screw. Trim any excess fabric on back side of embroidery hoop.

tighten embroidery hoops

trim fabric

3. Either freehand or trace antlers onto fabric. I did this on the back side, so any errors wouldn’t show.

pencil outline

4. Outline antlers with the Sharpie on back side of fabric. Then flip over and trace antlers again on the right side. Color in with the Sharpie. Be careful to use a light hand to avoid bleeding on the fabric.

trace with sharpie

outline bleed

sharpie antlers on linen in embroidery hoop

5. Hang and enjoy!

Antler Embroidery Hoop Art

embroidery hoop with antlers art

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