If you took the Style Quiz and you aren't sure the results fit, or if you just want to know more about your supporting styles, check them out below:

1. You're a Boho/Scandi Style Lover!

You macrame, plant lover, you! Your favorite style is all relaxed and unique, just like you.
You like loads of texture and more neutral color schemes than traditional boho style.
Vintage is your jam, baby! 

So, what the heck is Boho/Scandi style?

Boho style decor embraces a carefree, relaxed and unusual aesthetic. Boho homes are full of life, culture and the world at large. No two boho homes are alike, much like no two eclectic homes are alike. Originally, boho color schemes emphasized an earthy palette, with deep browns, greys and greens for base colors and fiery or saturated colors like orange and purple as accents. Today, however much of boho decor is influenced by Scandi neutral and white colors. Boho is the opposite of minimalist and sleek, opting instead for layers and layers of texture, pattern and color. Boho Scandi furniture and decor accessories tend to be found in vintage and thrift stores. However, more and more it can be bought new too for those that like the look, but can’t necessarily find what they want second-hand.

2. You're a Coastal Cottage Style Lover!

You beachy, white furniture lover, you!  Your favorite style is all about the airy, relaxed feeling it gives you
when you walk in the door. White is your favorite color, and slipcovers are your best friend!

So, what the heck is Coastal Cottage style?

Cottage is somewhat like the styles of Vintage, Shabby Chic and Retro. But it is very casual and charming. Furniture is often adapted for other uses – like a bench becoming a coffee table. It also tends to be beachy, accented with sea shells and sand filled jars – but not so theme-y that your wallpaper is covered in lighthouses! Cottage style is airy and light and laid back. To love the Coastal Cottage style you can live anywhere – even the dessert. It’s more about the feeling and style than it is about the location. 

3. You're a Country Style Lover!

You all-American girl, you! Your favorite style is warm and cozy. You like things a bit on the cluttered side
and the more chippy paint and traditional country colors you have the better! 

So, what the heck is Country style?

Picture pine or painted antiques, quilts, baskets and folk art. Country decorating can be either simple Americana (often red, white and blue) or more decorative French country. Colors used in country decorating typically include barn red, mustard yellow, black, dark green, buttermilk or rust. Ladder-back or Windsor chairs, pie safes, tin ware and plaids and checks further depict Country decorating.

4. You're an Eclectic Style Lover!

You lover of all the things, you! Your favorite style is made up of all the best parts of other styles.
You mix and match like a queen!

So, what the heck is Eclectic style?

Also known as authentic and original, eclectic decorating throws out all the ‘rules’ and let’s you create something that is uniquely you. Pieces can be drawn from two or three of the other decorating styles. But beware of messy overload! Scale matters and so does color. Think of balancing yin and yang. It’s best to keep the basic color palette neutral and then mix and match furniture and accessories as your heart desires. Pair an antique farm table with modern metal chairs. Stack favorite books on a side table. Place a geometric patterned pillow in a bold color on a classic wing chair. Use your imagination.

5. You're a Farmhouse Style Lover!

You farm girl, you! Your favorite style is all warm and cozy, chippy and vintage.
You love the look of old things. But old things that are simple and nostalgic. No extra frills necessary. 

So, what the heck is Farmhouse style?

Shiplap anyone? If you love farmhouse style, you love vintage pieces like old grocery store signs, feed sacks, wide plank floors, barn beams and plenty of charm. Farmhouse style is full of cozy textures and a balance of old and new that keeps it from looking too theme-y. It’s clean and warm, with natural elements brought in from outdoors. It’s practical, and not at all fussy, or delicate. Matchy-matchy furniture is always a no-no, but especially so with farmhouse style. Farmhouse style, even more than other styles, should look collected over time. There’s no rushing a good thing!

6. You're a French Country Style Lover!

Toi belle décoratrice, toi! Your favorite style is elegant, but still warm and comfortable.
You love curvy wood pieces with beautiful traditional fabrics.

So, what the heck is French Country style?

French country style decor has a casual elegance to it. It’s warm and comfortable. The furnishings should have graceful and simple lines, with some curves too. French Country style decor features plenty of painted furniture. Buying older furniture and refinishing it with a distressed look would be a perfect fit for this style. Wrought iron or rusted metal accents are sometimes incorporated into this style as well. Fabrics in this style often rely on toile, a very traditional fabric. But the good news is, you can partner toile with stripes, plaids, or solids for plenty of visual interest. French country color schemes can come from all sides of the color wheel. Often this style is paired with the farmhouse look.

7. You're a Glam Style Lover!

You glitz and glam girl, you! Your favorite style is all shiny baubles and chandeliers.
You have a flair for the dramatic and love your decor to reflect that part of your personality too.

So, what the heck is Glam style?

Glam decor is all about luxe and bling! You would happily put chandeliers in every room – yes, every room! Velvet, damask and even animal prints fit into this look. Glam art may look serious at first glance, but it has a bit of sassiness to it! Delicate details and a flair for the dramatic are also hallmarks of Glam style decor. Gold and other shiny finishes are often paired with pink or jewel tones. Another hint that you may like Glam decor? All your favorite movies are in black and white!

8. You're an Industrial Style Lover!

You old factory lover, you! Your favorite style is all raw, unfinished surfaces
and utilitarian objects that double as decor in your home. 

So, what the heck is Industrial style?

Industrial style takes it cues from old factories and industrial spaces. Exposed brick, stone and ductwork are all markers of the style. Industrial design incorporates raw, unfinished surfaces, neutral tones, utilitarian objects, and wood and metal surfaces. Industrial style is somewhat minimalistic and often features polished concrete floors. Wood floors are also an option in industrial decor.

9. You're a Mid-Century Modern Style Lover!

You mad men lover, you! Your favorite style is all about the classic looks and
clean lines of the middle of the 20th century. 

So, what the heck is Mid-Century Modern style?

Mid-Century Modern decor is classic Mad Men style at it’s finest. It’s a term that broadly describes decor from roughly the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s. Mid-century modern style consists of a classic understated look with clean, no fuss lines. The key is to not replicate the look of the era exactly, but rather to incorporate pieces from the period into today’s decor. Generally one large piece will set the tone nicely. Don’t get too matchy-matchy!

10. You're a Minimal Style Lover!

You lover of less, you! Your favorite style is all about open spaces and less is definitely more for you. 

So, what the heck is Minimal style?

Minimalism in decor means spacious rooms with minimal decor and accessories. Minimal decor is achieved through the use of functional furniture, geometric shapes and limiting colors to one or two. Open concept homes are especially useful in minimal decor.

11. You're a Rustic Style Lover!

You woodsy girl, you! Your favorite style is all about rugged beauty and nature-inspired surroundings. 

So, what the heck is Rustic style?

Rustic design is comprised of rugged, natural beauty with simple and earthy colors. It tends to be heavier, darker and more masculine than other decor styles. Rustic decor is also comforting and fuss-free. Materials in rustic design are often wood and natural stone. Aside from logs in a log cabin, shapes are generally organic and abstract.

12. You're a Shabby Chic Style Lover!

You flowery girl, you! Your favorite style is all flowers paired with worn and chippy pieces.
Slipcovers and white-washed furniture are a staple of the Shabby Chic style you love too!

So, what the heck is Shabby Chic style?

Made popular by Rachel Ashwell and her retail chain in the1980s, shabby chic decorating combines the idea that something worn and perhaps dilapidated can also be elegant and stylish. Simple slipcovers, flower arrangements like roses or hydrangeas, chippy painted or white-washed wood furniture and shades of white (and other soft colors) are indicative of shabby chic decorating. Vintage mirrors, spray painted formerly brass chandeliers with hanging crystals, handcrafted and vintage as opposed to mass produced.

13. You're a Traditional Style Lover!

You calm soul, you! Your favorite style is all about symmetry and classic lines.
Matching sets make you swoon with happiness…if you were to be prone to swooning that is. 

So, what the heck is Traditional style?

Traditional decorating is frequently associated with older generations, but can be adapted to suit younger families. Traditional decorating is calm, orderly, predictable and full of classic lines and understated details. Furniture may seem outdated and it is often in matching sets – like a complete dining room set or perfectly matching coffee table and end tables. Think wall sconces, tassel-trimmed full drapery, wing chairs, extensive moldings, highly polished dark cherry or mahogany wood. Fabrics include silk, velvet and damask. Accessories tend toward ornate gilded mirrors and artwork inspired by nature. Furniture layouts are quite formal and placed at right angles from each other. Keep it even and organized with Traditional decorating.

14. You're a Transitional Style Lover!

You modern woman, you! Your favorite style is all combining two seemingly opposite styles.
Especially traditional style with modern elements. 

So, what the heck is Transitional style?

Transitional design is somewhat difficult to pin down, but by definition is a comination of two opposite styles. In practice, it’s a mix of traditional design with modern elements. Think traditional wainscoting and antiques paired with clean-lined modern pieces. But it’s not a hodge-podge like eclectic decor is. Think of it like a younger version of traditional design. It’s timeless, with a hint of the current.

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