If you’ve been visiting our blog for any length of time, maybe when you visited today you were a little confused by HomeMadeLovely.com or the Home Made Lovely logo at the top of the page? That’s totally understandable. We’re still getting used to it over here too – and we’ve been talking about Home Made Lovely for months!

AKA Design

When we started AKA Design back in 2010, we had no way of knowing the direction it would go or the adventure it would be. As life goes, when we began this site, this blog, things had been a little rough. We’d just moved back to the city, to a tiny little rundown bungalow because that was all we could afford. Little did we know that that wee house would teach us many lessons and open many doors. 

curb appeal updates

We renovated that house with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears – and a lot of help from friends. We were fortunate enough to sell it and move to a nicer house in a nicer neighborhood. Which we also renovated and sold a few years later, when we bought the house we’re in now.

Home Made Lovely Curb Appeal after

What began as solely a DIY blog grew into a decorating and DIY blog. We shared our projects with you in the hopes that they would inspire you and empower you to create similar projects in your own home. We shared all we learned about decorating our own home on a budget and showed you how to do it too.

And then we hit a wall. We got tired. Burnt out.

It turns out that it’s really hard to be in constant DIY project mode.

Truthfully we struggled for several months. I struggled for several months. Until I slowly began to realize some things.

Home Made Lovely

I love decorating. I thrive on turning a sad, old space into something beautiful. I love working with Dean to create something from nothing. And I love the end result of sharing that with you. 

I realized that we have so much more to share than just DIY projects and decorating advice. Those are great things, but not the only things. 

What Home Made Lovely Means for YOU!

We are at this funny place I never fathomed we’d be at…our kids are teenagers and we’re past the wiping bums and changing diapers stage. We’ve homeschooled for 13 plus years. We’ve made pretty much all the money mistakes one can make and hopefully learned from them (oh how I hope so). We have lived in so many homes and spaces that I’ve actually lost count. Which means we’ve cleaned and organized all those spaces too.

So what does that mean for you?

My heart is filled with wanting to help and encourage those moms and families who are still in the stages of temper tantrums and choosing which school to send their kids to. Of sticky fingers, messy minivans, and grade 8 grad trips. I want to cheer you on in finding a way to earn a side income so you can be home with your kids. I want to help you make the best of the home you have. I tear up thinking of how much I wished someone older had taken the time for me when life was crazier and the kids were keeping me up all night. That someone, had come alongside me to tell me it will be okay. Even if you mess it up, it will be okay. God’s got this.

So Home Made Lovely is a name change that represents a newer, bigger direction.

Home Made Lovely is a home and lifestyle company focused on creating a beautiful home and a lovely life – in the midst of all the craziness. In these pages you will find hundreds of real decorating ideas, simple DIY projects, yummy recipes and loving encouragement for YOU, Beautiful Momma.

The truth is we’ve been heading this way for months already. We’ve already expanded our content to include well over 700 posts on topics including:

  • DIY projects
  • Decorating ideas
  • Organization and cleaning hacks
  • Simple family recipes
  • Blogging advice
  • Smart money tips
  • And homeschooling, marriage, faith, natural living, and more

Essentially, it’s still us. We’ll still be sharing DIY projects and decorating ideas as always. We’ll just also be sharing MORE of home and life stuff. All with the faith-filled, trend-bucking, gluten-free, authentic bent we’ve always had. And we really hope YOU enjoy it!

Family Photos by Michael Baxter.


  1. Could you please post some of your ideas for how to decorate when your style changes from traditional to mid century modern? Thanks. Love you

    1. Hmm. That’s tricky for me. Aside from a few pieces mid-century modern is not my favorite style. Maybe that’s the trick though, mix in or trade out a few pieces at at time?

  2. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what you will do with the site. But, PLEASE make sure to post some DIY’s . You have a beautiful family.

  3. So excited for you and the growth of your site! Looking forward to the inspiration I know you will deliver in so many areas. As always, thank you for sharing your gifts and experiences with us. <3

  4. Shannon, I look forward to reading your blogs. Thanks for continuing with your DIY information. You are a keeper!

  5. I’m very excited for you and I’m looking forward to the blogs that you share with your readers.

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