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In this post: Need a little footstool for your living room or bedroom? Here’s where to find the best, most affordable, farmhouse style pouf ottomans online.

We’ve been working on a little living room makeover this month. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know we recently chose a couple of pouf ottomans for the space. You may also know we didn’t love the ones we chose.

So, we’ve been on the hunt for different versions of the pouf ottoman to pair with our new chairs. And since I really do loving shopping – especially for a bargain – I thought it may be fun to sort of virtually take you with me!

farmhouse style pouf ottomans pin

Where the Poufs Will Live

First of all, let’s look at where the new poufs are going to live. 

Recently, we sold our oversized chairs that lived by the fireplace for the last two years. We replaced them with two of the Loredana Barrel Chairs from Wayfair (it’s often out of stock, sorry!). 

Lordana Barrel Chairs by fireplace day

We still have some work to do in here – mainly to build a coffee table – but this is the general gist of how the space will look. (Of course, I’d love to replace the floors at some point too!)

Lordana Barrel Chairs by fireplace night

(The striped outdoor ottoman is not staying – it’s simply a place to put our feet up until the coffee table is finished.)

Over the holidays, I ordered these Moroccan-style ottomans from Amazon. And while I like the style okay, I find the finish to be way too orange for the soothing and calming look I want to have in here. (No worries, though. We sold one to a friend and one ended up in our master bedroom!)

lordana chairs with moroccan poufs

So, I’ve been on the hunt for some new ottomans!

Where to Find the Best, Most Affordable Pouf Ottomans

Here are plenty of options that would work in this space – and maybe even your space too!

If I wanted to stay with the same style, there is a white Moroccan style option.

faux fur pouf

Or I suppose a faux fur pouf could be fun?

Moroccan wedding ottoman

Another possibility would be this square, boho, Moroccan wedding style of ottoman. Although I think it may be a bit much with the new rug

These Straw Cover Cushion Ottomans remind me of the Ikea footstools. 

But I think I prefer to go in another direction, back to a knitted style pouf.

(We went away from that previously because the doggie likes to pull at the rope. But if we use the bitter apple spray we used when he was a puppy to deter chewing, I think we’ll be okay.) 

There are so many knit types to choose from! 

Hmmm. Which to choose, which to choose?

What I Ultimately Chose

I ultimately chose to go with some pretty neutral knitted ottomans for our living room. 

HML Spring Living Room Fireplace

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Do you have any favorites? 

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