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Bedding can be one of those expensive purchases. But I’ve found some beautiful, affordable farmhouse style bedding and I’m sharing all the details in this post! 

We want our guests to be comfortable when they come to stay. But no one wants to break the bank buying bedding for the guest bedroom, right?! Well, guess where I found the most affordable farmhouse style bedding for our guest bedroom makeover?! Amazon! 

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Affordable Farmhouse Style Bedding

When we set out to do this guest bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge, I wanted to accomplish a few things:

  • a comfier, more functional guest bedroom
  • on a budget
  • without stressing about timelines

This spring happened to be a great time to work on the guest room, partly because it was my sister’s turn to host Easter. Which meant we’d have no overnight guests for the duration of the One Room Challenge, making it easier to continue working on it without a big cleanup. It was also great timing because we don’t have any other projects currently happening. One project at a time is always nice! 

So, Amazon. 

guest bed horizontal

When I was looking for bedding, I looked everywhere, at all the ‘usual suspects’. I wanted fresh and crisp bedding with plenty of texture. But I didn’t want to spend much money. Since the bed in the guest room was originally in our master bedroom and queen size, we had a few sheet sets already. I just really wanted to freshen it up. 

On a whim, I decided to check for affordable farmhouse style bedding on Amazon. You know, since I order practically everything else over there! 

I was pleasantly surprised to find some pretty and cost-effective options! 

The Bedding I Ordered

Since I wanted a layered look for the guest bed, I chose a few pieces, all in white. But, they all have different textures. 


While no one actually sees the pillows inside the pillow cases, I ordered a couple of new down alternative pillows. We had two before, but I felt like we needed more. Pillows are grown up’s stuffed animals, after all, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

amazon basics down alternative bed pillows


When we plopped the bed down in the guest room a couple of years ago on moving day, we simply used a comforter we had stuffed inside a new duvet cover. It was actually a comforter that Dean and I bought many years ago in a little town while we were on a camping trip because we were freezing that night! Lol. It has served our guests well over the years!

Anyway, with this room makeover, we wanted something new and fresh. I’ve always loved our king size pintuck duvet cover. But it was a generous gift from a friend and I didn’t really want to spend that kind of money on the guest room. (Sorry family!) 

So, when I found this pretty comforter that looks quite similar on Amazon, I was sold. 

amazon basics pinch pleat comforter set

It’s not quite as full and fluffy as a duvet in a duvet cover. But it still adds some nice texture and dimension to the bed. And if the pintucking ever “lets go”, we can stuff the comforter into a duvet cover of its own! 


I also love to give guests extra blankets, in case they get cold, or don’t share well with their spouse! I thought a nice quilt would work well for this. That way we’re ticking both the poofy blanket and heavy blanket boxes with the comforter and quilt.  

embroidered quilt set

I’m well aware that hand made or vintage quilt would lovely in here. But alas, that is way out of my creative wheelhouse to create one. And also, budget. So, machine made it is!


Finally just to finish off the space, and add another texture, I bought an eyelet lace bedskirt to replace the plain grey one that was there before. 

eyelet bedskirt

So, altogether, we have a neutral white bed, with plenty of shape and texture to keep it interesting! And all for less than $200 Canadian! And if you need white sheets to go with, you could always add this microfibre set for about $25!

guest bed vertical

affordable farmhouse style bedding pin

So far these photos don’t do the room justice at all. But that’s how it goes when I can’t show you the whole space yet! 

What do you think of our creative bedding solutions?

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  1. It looks so comfortable and relaxed – you may have mentioned this before, but is the bedframe also from Amazon? I like how it is there but doesn’t seem to block anything out.

  2. I really like your selections! Very cozy!! Thanks for suggesting Amazon for linens! I never think of them for those kinds of things!

  3. I went with white on white for my bedroom so I could display quilts left to me by the grandmother and mother. Finding affordable white bedding is challenging! I live in SoCal so I wanted a quilt style bedspread instead of a heavier comforter. I finally found one on sale at Macy’s that is a nice quality and has diamond stitching. The pillow shams also have diamond quilting. I added Euro style pillows in an intricate hand-quilted pattern, I found them for $40 at Marshall’s! All of my quilts have at least some blue in them, I put vintage blue drapes on the windows and made two blue velvet toss pillows from an old pair of curtains. I found a great white on white embroidered pillow at Home Goods to put in the middle. My biggest challenge was finding a nice 16″ drop bed skirt that was affordable. I tried Amazon but couldn’t find a 16″ that would work for me. I looked all over town before I tried Bed Bath and Beyond. I should have tried there first! I love seeing decor updates that are done on a budget! They inspire me to take my time and search for things I like that I can afford!

  4. I really like how you layered the bed in textured neutrals and you can add seasonal pops of color. I need to do that in my home too! Canโ€™t wait to see the final reveal!