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A New Rug for the Dining Room

Do you have any idea how long I’ve been wanting to put a rug under the dining room table?

Home Made Lovely Dining Room Rug

Let’s see, how old are my kids?

Yup about fifteen years!

I have long-loved the idea of a rug under the dining room table to anchor the space visually. To give it a solid base so to speak.

Home Made Lovely Dining Room Rug 2

But honestly it’s not always the most practical choice, like when kids are small. Which seems to last forever. (Until they’re not anymore and you suddenly wonder where the time went.)

Or even when you have a one year old puppy who still seems to chew everything. (At least he’s not peeing on rugs anymore! Hallelujah!)

Anyway, I figured my kids were finally big enough (ages 15, 13, 11) that we could chance a rug. And Jackson the puppy can be trained to more of less leave the rug alone. All we needed to do was choose one that could take a bit of a beating and still look good. Rustic, but good.

Rugs USA was great to work with for our living room rug – and we still adore that rug – so I though I’d see what natural rugs they had available when I was choosing the dining room rug.  And sure enough this rug from Rugs USA was the winner. It’s 100% hand woven Jute from their own line.

So far it vacuums very easily. Jackson has chewed on one corner, but it’s hardly noticeable. And it doesn’t slip and slide around because we put down the coordinating under-pad first.

I adore very big bumpy bit of textured detail, don’t you?

Home Made Lovely Dining Room Rug Detail

Dean teases that with all the rugs on the main floor there was no reason for him to lay down all the new laminate – he says we could have just left the parquet (ack!) or even just plywood. What a guy!

Home Made Lovely Dining Room Rug

Do you have a rug in your dining room? If you do, what kind is it? If you don’t have one, why not?

*This post was generously sponsored by Rugs USA. All opinions are my own. We would never share something that we didn’t love!*

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  1. Stacy says

    Love your dining room! This rug is perfect for this space! I am on the hunt for a great rug for my master bedroom and wondered how is the shipping to Canada from Rugs USA?

    Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

  2. Terri says

    Gorgeous rug! I love the texture. And no. No rug in the dining room or any other room. We have two vizslas (hungarian pointers) and trust me, even with daily vacuuming our all-tile floor (we live in SW Florida), the dawg hair is terrible. They’re worth it, though. As for your hubs, you could tell him that you’re really keeping your new floor in tip-top shape by protecting it from all of those dining chair scratches!

  3. Shawnna says

    hey girl- love the rug!! We don’t have a rug in the living room or the dining room (ha) But I would love to have ’em!!

  4. Karen H says

    I love your new rug! I am in the market for a new rug for our family room. And I would love a natural jute rug. The one thing I would really like to know is: does it shed? I’ve had my fill of shedding rugs… lol

    Thank you!

  5. Nadine says

    The rug looks fabulous in your dining room. No rug yet in our dining room 🙁 ….still have little ones with slippery fingers.

  6. TidyMom says

    I love how the rug looks!! so I have a question. I bought a similar rug about a year ago for under our table, and it was SO dirty and too thick I didn’t like it at all. Every time I lifted it up there was so much dirt on the floor I couldn’t stand knowing that was there. Also the rug was no comfortable on our feet and was pretty thick which seemed like a tripping hazard. So after about a month I removed it and it’s been rolled up in our garage. Every time I see a dinning table with a jute rug, I love the look and I’m so bummed that it didn’t work for me. I’m wondering if other’s have had these same issues?

    • Shannon says

      And to be honest, we don’t have this one anymore. It was BEAUTIFUL! But it would be better suited for a dining room that is not used every single day for multiple meals like ours is. 🙁 I was very sad to let it go, but the function for our family had to come first.

    • Shannon says

      Because we use our dining room several times a day (our kids are homeschooled and I work from home so all of our meals are eaten in there) it became a chore to move the chairs on the rug that often. I did adore the rug and if it was in another room or if we didn’t use our dining room as often I would have kept it.

  7. Steph says

    Hi, do you remember the color that the rug was listed as? I see it available on the link you provided in the color called “natural.” Is that the same? Thanks!

  8. Christine says

    I want this exact rug.
    When I click on “this rug” it kooks slightly different. Is it this exact one!

  9. Kala D. says

    Beautiful rug! I love your style. I’m dying for the wicker chair in the back ground, do you have it linked anywhere? If not, do you mind sharing?

  10. Jill says

    Was the RugsUSA rug you chose for under your dining table the natural color or the bleached? It looks great! I’m looking for something similar.

    Thank you!

  11. Amy Hogan says

    Would you recommend this rug for a family room or is it uncomfortable on bare feet? Most jute rugs are pretty scratchy but this one seems like it might be softer. Did you have a lot of dust with it?

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