In this post: Furniture makeovers don’t have to be hard or extensive. Here are 7 simple furniture makeovers to inspire you to give some of your own pieces a new life!

Part of loving your home is learning to spot the things that you don’t necessarily love, but that could be awesome if they were just a wee bit different. Here are 7 furniture makeovers to inspire you!

Maybe it’s a table given to you by a family member that fits your space well, but doesn’t go with your whole home color scheme.

Or maybe it’s a cabinet you need to keep because you just can’t afford something else right now. 

In any case, I’m betting that you have at least one piece of furniture in your home right now that has great bones and could be amazing with a little help!

7 furniture makeovers to inspire your own projects

What to look for in a piece of furniture that you want to makeover

  1. Great bones. You want something that’s fairly solid. If it’s not, but you can easily repair it, that’s okay too.
  2. A great shape. When you makeover a piece of furniture, the overall shape generally stays the same.
  3. Something you can paint. Paint and primer has come a long way, so you can paint almost anything. But make sure you do a little recon to see which paint will work best for your piece.

7 Furniture Makeovers to Inspire You

In the last seven years, we’ve made over a few of our own pieces when we didn’t love the original. Here are 7 of them, in no particular order.

Today’s Takeaway

Find at least one piece that you can makeover in your home. 

Want to create your own gorgeous makeovers?

Check out our DIY Paint Finishes and Techniques guide.

It includes 12 of our most popular paint finishes and techniques all in one place! Includes photos, supply lists and how to get the looks we feature on our blog Home Made Lovely all the time! 

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  1. I bought a desk at Goodwill that was pretty beat up. Hubby did a quick sanding just to get it smooth and I used chalk paint for the first time! Now I want to paint my bedroom furniture rather than buy new!