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In this post: Create memories making your own ornaments with over 40 easy-to-make Christmas Ball Ornament Ideas! Free printable, easy-to-find supplies.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve come to really enjoy making Christmas ornaments over the last few years. Of course, there are so many ornaments that you could create. But my favorite quick and easy Christmas ornament crafts are the ones where you “just” add fill to those clear Christmas balls, or give them a bit of embellishment. The Christmas ball ornament ideas are endless!

40+ Christmas Ball Ornament Ideas For You to Try This Year

40+ Christmas Ball Ornament Ideas For You to Try This Year!

Making ornaments using clear glass or plastic ball ornaments (paid link) is so easy you can even do it with the kids. Here are more than forty ideas for making your own Christmas ball ornaments.

Christmas Ball Ornament Ideas

Filled Ornaments

Simply remove the top, fill each ornament with the items listed below, replace the top, hang and enjoy!

If your chosen fill is larger than the hole in a normal clear ornament, buy the ornaments that split in two

easy Christmas ornaments to make with kids

Embellished Ornaments:

Just add the decorations as described, hang and enjoy!

  • Santa’s Belt: fill with red tinsel or fabric, add a strip of black velvet and a pop can tab
  • Winter Scene: draw snow covered pine trees with a white marker on the outside of the ornament, fill them with faux snow
  • Snowing: draw snowflakes with the white marker on the outside of the ornament and fill them with sparkly faux snow
  • Snowman Head: glue two mini-buttons and an orange triangle of paper onto the outside of the ornament, then draw black “coal” for a snowman mouth
  • Glitter Monogram: draw a nice big monogram on the outside of the ornament, fill it with glue and then sprinkle with glitter 

Free Christmas Ball Ornament Ideas Printable Cheat Sheet

I’ve even created a free printable, so you can print off all the ideas, take them with you and craft your very own ornaments!

Take it with you to find supplies, or keep it handy while you order supplies online. Then just fill your ornaments, hang and enjoy. Make some to give as gifts, or start a new family tradition of making ornaments together each year! Just use the form below to get your cheat sheet sent to your inbox!

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  1. Great tutorial! Just ran into a lady at the store who shared about how important it is to create with our children/grandchildren. She was beginning a yearly “tradition” of making a craft with her eight grandchildren. Oh the fun they will surely have!

    1. What a wonderful tradition!

      (Again, I must apologize, I’m only seeing these comments now for some reason!)

  2. Love these ideas, such fun! I love that these are so easy to put together. My granddaughters are still too small for this, but in a couple of years, I think this will be very popular! I am pinning this and sharing over at FB and Twitter! I would love it if you would stop by after 8:00PM EST on Saturday and share this at Celebrate Your Story link party at Celebrate and Decorate! Merry Christmas! Chloe

  3. How do you get a picture in the clear ornament ball.
    I was trying and the picture has been cut down really small like 3 x3 but the picture won’t fit right. So what the trick?

    1. I’m SO sorry! I just saw this comment now for some reason!

      Did you sort it out? You’d probably need the really large size clear bulbs.

    1. There are specific clear ornament balls for putting photos in. Another option however is to use a good color photocopy of a photo and roll it to get it into the top of the ornament. It should unroll pretty naturally once inside. But you could “help it along” with tweezers.

  4. Love all these ideas! Clear ornaments always sell out at my craft stores so I made sure to buy them early this year! Definitely going try out some of these! Found you on Inspiration Monday 🙂