Sometimes it’s just necessary to have multi-purpose rooms. Here are 4 Ways that I Create a Stylish Home Office in the Living Room.

This post was sponsored by HP. Opinions on the HP x360 are my own. I am sharing about the Megan Trainor tour, but I do not necessarily endorse her musical lyrics or videos.

When we moved to this house a couple of years ago, the plan was to build me an office in the unfinished part of the basement. But as the kids have grown, we’ve sort of decided to re-purpose that space as a fourth bedroom for one of them. Which means I’ve had to figure out how to stylishly blend all my office paraphernalia into the main floor living room.

Closed Hp x360 in desk

I work from home every single day. And…we homeschool our kids. We host small group. Friends come to chat over tea or to sink into the couches and watch a movie. Because of that our living room is very much lived in. (Those poor white couches!)

But I’m certain that a room can be as stylish as it is functional!

4 Ways to Create a Stylish Home Office in the Living Room

1. Use a desk with storage.

home office in the living room

I found this desk used for $50 locally online. It needed a bit of a makeover, but a fresh coat of black paint was all that was necessary to give this secretary desk classic style.

The drawers conceal paper, card stock, pencils, notebooks, post-its, my wireless mouse, and noise-cancelling headphones.

The opening top is a great place to jot down notes or to hide away my laptop when company comes over.

2. Get creative with storage containers.

rustic industrial shelf styling - no logos

Instead of typical plastic office storage bins or sorting trays, use wooden ones. Or baskets. baskets are definitely good too.

I’ve painted unfinished crates and added large numbers for a touch of industrial style. The crates hold fabric and craft supplies.

I’ve also got some nice lidded boxes in which to stash markers and camera equipment too (not shown).

3. Use multi-purpose equipment.

Our printer is also a scanner, copier and fax machine.

Our new HP x360 laptop is also a tablet and can be used in tent and stand modes with a touch screen, which is perfect for watching movies or playing games.

HP x360 Stand Mode

By having multi-functional pieces I save valuable space and you can too.

4. Remember it’s a living room!

HP x360 Tent Mode

Other family members need to use the space too. Which means make it safe (no scissors lying around!) and fun for them.

Keep lots of pillows and throws for snuggling up with.

Let them put their feet up!

Enjoy the LIVING part of the living room.

HP x360 Tablet Mode

If you missed it, I mentioned our home office in the living room has become more fun and more functional with the addition of the new HP x360 and it’s four modes – laptop, tablet, tent and stand!

HP has bent the traditional computer/tablet rules by making exciting new products and tools like the HP x360. And HP is on tour with Megan Trainor and her “That Bass Tour” bending the rules helping the tour come to life for fans in a new way! If you like Megan’s music, follow along and watch Behind The Scenes Episodes of the tour here (turn your speakers to mute or down first) or follow @HPCanada on social media.

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home office in the living room

Is your living room a multi-purpose space too? How do you make it work for you?