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3 Summery Ways to Style a Bar Cart

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Summer is the perfect time to throw a get together – take a look at how to style a bar cart for a farmhouse, cottage or Scandinavian home!

Summer is the perfect time to throw a last minute shindig. Whether you want to stay cool in the shade, lounge by the pool or hide out in the air conditioning, keeping a stocked and pretty bar cart will make the party all the more fun! So pour yourself an iced tea and take a look at how to style a bar cart for a Farmhouse, Cottage or Scandinavian home in the summer!

How to Style a Summery Farmhouse Bar Cart

  1. Hang the antler art on the wall just behind the bar cart, with the magnolia wreath perhaps centered on top of the two frames.
  2. Place the Cheers Bucket on the bottom shelf, filled with ice and your favorite bevvies.
  3. Put the tiered tray on the top shelf filled with stir stick and straws and other bar cart necessities.
  4. The Beverage Dispenser can also go on the top shelf for easy access.
  5. Stack napkins and line up glasses on one of the shelves too!

Summery farmhouse bar cart

Farmhouse Bar Cart ($220) | Rustic Farmhouse Drinking Tub ($45) | Moscow Mule Copper Mugs ($17-50) | Tiered Tray ($123) | Framed Antler Art ($27 print each, $20 Frame) | Magnolia Wreath ($98) | Beverage Dispenser ($105) | Rose Gold Striped Straws ($2-9) | Check Napkins ($22)


How to Style a Summery Cottage Bar Cart

  1. Put the flowers, framed art and a couple of rows of glasses on the top shelf.
  2. Put the nicely folded napkins, ice bucket and some more glasses or bottled refreshments on the bottom shelf.
  3. Place the floor basket underneath the bottom shelf, fill it with anything extra that doesn’t fit or isn’t so pretty!

summery cottage style bar cart

Cottage Bar Cart ($334) | Faux Florals ($25-100) | Light Blue Striped Napkins ($48) | Classic Highball Glasses ($30) | Beach Please Tea Towels ($16) | Floor Basket ($115) | Ice Bucket ($46) | White Wash Picture Frame ($30)


How to Style a Summery Scandinavian Bar Cart

  1. Place the bar cart on the faux sheepskin rug.
  2. Hang the art over the bar cart (with the bottom about 6 inches above the top rail of the cart).
  3. String the wood bead and tassel garland across either the top of the framed art or across the front of the top shelf rail on the bar cart.
  4. Put candles in the candelabra and then set it on the top shelf to one side.
  5. Place the ice bucket and glasses next to the candelabra.
  6. Stack the birch logs on the bottom shelf next to some bottled beverages.

Summery Scandinavian style bar cart

Gold Bar Cart ($200-1000) | Candelabra ($20-100) | Faux Sheepskin Rug ($30) | Why Hello Art Downlaod ($7) | Wood Bead & Tassel Garland ($18) | White Taper Candles ( $9-28) | Gold Striped Ice Bucket ( $104) | Gold Dot Glasses ($10-24) | Faux Birch Logs ($58)

Have you decorated your bar cart for summer? What did you put on it? What is your bar cart style?


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  1. Amy says

    Thank you for featuring my wooden bead garland! What a lovely surprise 🙂
    Gorgeous bar cart ideas!

    Amy – Whitetail Road

  2. Kendra says

    The entire staff loves your blog! Bar carts are so popular right now and versatile. They can be so much more than just a bar cart. We loved these ideas and wanted to thank you for sharing!

  3. Jann Olson says

    All three are really fun. I think number one would be my fav. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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